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Revolutionising Zajel with Advanced Technology


Zajel, a leading name in the logistics and shipment sector, has positioned itself at the forefront of their industry by launching its latest AI tracking technology which brings together state of the art advancements in the overall user experience, making Zajel a leading name in this niche and the region.

The centrepiece of Zajel’s technological revolution is a comprehensive upgrade across its operational spectrum. The introduction of a new tracking system equipped with AI technologies stands out, offering unprecedented transparency and efficiency in package tracking. Alongside, Zajel has modernized its call center and ticketing system, streamlining communication channels for enhanced customer support. The integration of a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system further exemplifies Zajel’s commitment to leveraging technology for business excellence. These advancements are meticulously designed to work in unison, ensuring a seamless, high-quality customer experience.

The technological enhancements at Zajel translate directly into tangible benefits for customers. The AI-powered tracking system ensures that customers have real-time access to their package’s status, significantly reducing uncertainty and enhancing trust. The revamped call center and ticketing system have led to quicker resolution of inquiries and issues, elevating customer satisfaction levels. Moreover, the new CRM system enables Zajel to offer personalized services, anticipating customer needs and preferences. These technological upgrades, while improving operational efficiencies, are fundamentally aimed at enriching the customer experience at every touchpoint.

“We’ve invested our top resources into creating a customer centric solution which, with the help of AI technology, now brings us to the forefront of our industry. We believe in full transparency and direct communication with our customers at all points throughout the logistic process. This wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago, but now with the help of technology and AI solutions, we can proudly say that this region is encountering new horizons and industry advancements”  Said mr. Nabeel AlKharabsheh, Zajel General Manager.

Zajel’s investment in technology is a testament to its forward-thinking approach and dedication to customer satisfaction. By adopting innovative solutions and integrating them into its core operations, Zajel not only enhances its service delivery but also sets a new paradigm for the logistics industry. This commitment to technological excellence ensures that Zajel remains a leader in a competitive market, ready to meet the challenges of the future and continue delivering exceptional value to its customers.

BOILERPLATE: As a results of Lates Achievements of Zajel ; Mr Nabil Alkharabsha has been nominated as top 30 Leader in Logistics industry In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and increasing market competition, Zajel’s strategic turnaround story stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation. This transformative journey wasn’t just about adopting new technologies or entering new markets; it was about fundamentally rethinking the way Zajel operates, prioritizing efficiency, and customer satisfaction above all.

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