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New management book provides a fresh perspective on the importance of authentic, relatable, and caring leadership during challenging times


The Friday Email was developed by Renée McGowan, CEO of global professional services firm Marsh McLennan for India, Middle East and Africa, and is based on her experience as a senior executive during the tumultuous period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognizing the rising uncertainty felt by many of her colleagues in 2020, Ms. McGowan, who was then CEO of Asia for Mercer, began a unique dialogue with more 2,000 team members across 10 markets, sharing a weekly business update that mixed news, inspirational advice, and a very human perspective on shared challenges and frustrations.

4 Pillars, 8 Themes, 88 Tips

The Friday Email compiles 88 of these personalized tips and insights to provide readers with a first-hand look into the experiences of leading a multinational business across diverse markets. Organized around eight themes, symbolizing the auspicious number in Chinese culture, and guided by Renee’s personal leadership pillars – Purpose, People, Path, and Progress – the book delivers valuable insights that can be consumed in one sitting or in easily digested sections.

“Like many executives, I am frequently short of reading time and look for right-sized nuggets of information to fuel better decision-making and inspire dynamic leadership. The Friday Email presents some of the key leadership lessons learned in a format that is accessible for busy people. In particular, the book preserves the positive exchanges I had with colleagues around issues that many executives face today, with the hope the resulting  insights can empower aspiring leaders in our fast-moving and often challenging times,” says Renée McGowan, author of The Friday Email.

Hear, hear

Given the ongoing lack of gender representation in many industries, McGowan, a business veteran with almost three decades of experience, believes that her book will help address the need for diverse perspectives in business literature. In 2020, when many people were searching for fresh leadership voices, only 17 of the top 200 bestselling business books were written by women according to a study by Fortune.

“It’s critical to have a multi-dimensional view of leadership, that recognizes and listens to a diverse range of voices and opinions. The Friday Email is set to equip people with answers and ideas, particularly on those days when they are questioning their abilities or potential to self-actualize,” says McGowan.

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