Home News ADA in its dialogue series announces ADADSR; Designer Social Responsibility hosted by Gurmani Centre LUMS

ADA in its dialogue series announces ADADSR; Designer Social Responsibility hosted by Gurmani Centre LUMS


LAHORE: The day long Symposium organized by ADA (Architecture Design Art)—a Karachi-based international publishing house, as their DSR (Designer Social Responsibility) campaign. ADA is a multidisciplinary platform that unites the industry’s leading minds in sharing stories of intervention for a socially unified better world.

Discussions and debates in the day-long symposium will revolve around the destiny of architecture, urban planning and more generally the design disciplines in an era that seems to consider only, or at least with absolute priority, the evolution of single modal spaces and related devices spurred by technology. If today, and in the future increasingly so, the theme of life and development is no longer about further densification but resilience and environmental quality—how do designers navigate between aesthetics, sustainability, climate adaptation and depleting natural resources for a better world?
The stellar minds joining this symposium are: Arif Hasan, Yahya Jan (UAE), Dr. Fiona Gray (Australia), Kamil Khan Mumtaz, Maria Aslam, Rashid Rana, Faraz Maqsood Hamidi, Seif Al Rashidi (Egypt), Sergii Rodionov (Ukraine).

The speakers will dwell on city making, place making and environment degradation activism. By embracing design with a purpose, the creative industry have the opportunity to create visual narratives that celebrate the beauty of nature and advocate for sustainable practices.

From promoting eco-friendly products and services to encouraging responsible consumption, our designs can carry a powerful message of environmental consciousness.

As creative industry stalwarts, comprising of architects, artists, and designers together with social scientist, researchers, academia, designers hold the key to influencing perceptions, behaviors, and social change.

One of the most pressing challenges facing our world today is environmental sustainability. With our creative abilities, we can play a crucial role in raising awareness and inspiring action to protect our planet. AS THERE IS NO PLANET B, for all living beings and it is us humans responsible for the anthropogenic epoch that we are witnessing.

ADA, as a distinguished media house, plays a pivotal role in illuminating and informing the creative industry of Pakistan, spanning architecture, design, art, and everything in between. ADA in its sixteenth years stands as an activist portal, amplifying voices for the built environment, equitable spaces, communal frameworks, inclusivity, and championing the creative industry of Pakistan.

The publication ADA transcends traditional boundaries, transforming into various platforms such as conferences, the DYKYC (Do you know your city) series, and the ADA Awards. The ADAA, the sole Awards from Pakistan dedicated to excellence in the creative industry, serves to celebrate, highlight, and inform the fraternity and Pakistan as a whole about the remarkable works emanating from within the country.

As ADA embarks on the fourth cycle, slated to open its submissions in May 2024, it continues the commitment to recognizing and promoting excellence in creativity, ingenuity, inclusivity and sustainability.

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