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Toluna releases survey on New Year’s resolutions of UAE residents for 2024


DUBAI: Toluna, a leading consumer insights, technology, panel, and market research consultancy provider, has released the findings from its recent survey on New Year’s resolutions of UAE residents for 2024. The data collected confirms an enduring commitment to healthier choices and lifestyles across the Emirates.

Health Takes Centre Stage, Again

Health and healthy choices remain a paramount focus among respondents, with 48% committed to weight loss and 59% pledging to exercise regularly, underscoring an ongoing dedication to fitness. A remarkable 61% aim to eat more healthily, with some differences among generations: 49% among the 18-24 age group and a bigger commitment to this goal (71%) from those aged 44-65.

There’s a growing interest in plant-based diets, with 36% considering this dietary choice, and 62% favoring fresher food options. Overall, 63% plan to focus on the nutritional value of their food.

Travel Enthusiasm Persists

The yearning for travel persists, with 50% expressing a desire to explore new destinations more frequently in 2024, with 28% aiming to engage more in networking and socializing activities during their travels. Regarding travel plans, there’s a notable shift in the frequency of trips among residents. 23% aim for one to two trips annually, 49% are planning to take three to four trips, and 20% wish to go on five to six trips in 2024. Popular destinations include KSA (45%), Turkey (41%), and Italy (28%).

Financial Goals

In terms of spending behavior, 23% are planning significant budget allocations, signalling a noticeable shift in financial priorities. Moreover, 56% expressed interest in investing in gold and diamond jewellery, while 51% intend to allocate more of their budget to luxury clothing. Simultaneously, 56% aim to purchase a new property.

Insights from Social Media Preferences

In line with spending more time with friends and family (53%), 32% are planning to reduce time spent on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

Positive Outlook and Goal Confidence

59% of respondents considered that they achieved their goals for 2023 and also have a positive outlook for 2024 with 54% expressing confidence in sticking to their resolutions. At the same time, 60% are quite hopeful and believe that their lives will improve in 2024.

Georges Akkaoui, Enterprise Account Director & Office Leader MEA at Toluna, commented on the report findings, stating: “Our yearly survey provides great insights into the evolving aspirations and behaviors of the vibrant UAE community. The results this year are consistent with what we saw last year: people are focused on health goals and want to have more fulfilling and meaningful experiences in the company of friends and family. For brands it’s important to understand these motivating factors and behaviors to deliver value and be a part of the virtuous cycle that consumers plan to achieve”

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