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Exploring Custom GPTs in Lablab.ai’s 48-Hour Hackathon


DELEWARE, United States: lablab.ai, an initiative by New Native designed for collaboration and innovation within the artificial intelligence ecosystem, announces the Custom GPTs 48-Hour Hackathon scheduled to take place on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at 6:00 PM CET on the lablab platform.

The Custom GPTs Hackathon invites participants to delve into the possibilities of creating personalized AI models within a concise timeframe of 48 hours. This initiative aims to explore the capabilities and practical applications of Custom GPTs, allowing both coding and non-coding enthusiasts to craft tailored AI models for specific tasks or industries.

“Driven by our dedication to innovation, lablab.ai demonstrates our commitment to pushing the frontiers of AI. This hackathon underscores our pursuit of enabling solutions that revolutionize AI’s adaptability to challenges,” emphasized Pawel Czech, Co-founder of New Native.

The 48-hour event allows participants to gain hands-on experience with OpenAI’s GPT technology, whether novices or experienced coders. Custom GPTs redefine the ChatGPT experience, enabling the creation of bespoke AI models tailored to individual, corporate, or public needs.

Key features of the Custom GPTs include:

  • Tailor-Made Solutions: Customize GPTs to cater to diverse requirements, fostering various applications across industries such as healthcare, finance, and education.
  • Real-World Integration: integrate GPTs with external data sources for practical, real-world implementations.
  • Code-Free Creation: Facilitating the development process for individuals without coding expertise, democratizing AI innovation.

“Lablab.ai is committed to fostering a thriving AI community, nurturing growth, and collaboration. This hackathon demonstrates our dedication to cultivating a space where individuals unite, explore, and expand the horizons of AI possibilities,” highlighted Simon Olson, Co-Founder of New Native.

The Custom GPTs Hackathon encourages participants to solve real-world challenges using AI solutions, encouraging collaboration and feedback and showcasing creativity within the community. The community will then judge and vote for the best use case.

Furthermore, participants who submit solutions during the hackathon may qualify for partner startup accelerator programs, including GAIA’s and Slingshot, providing opportunities to refine concepts and gain intensive mentorship.

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