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NISA Block at Zaamin Town A bold & concrete step towards empowering women of Pakistan


DUBAI: NISA Block at Zaamin Town was launched as a community initiative in March 2023 to #celebrateequity on International Women’s Day 2023. It received a massive and overwhelming response and the entire block was sold out within the month leaving a legacy of a landmark practical step taken towards Women Empowerment and Gender Parity in Pakistan inspired by the Rotary Girl Empowerment initiatives under Rotary District 3271.

NISA Block is the the brainchild and passion project of Sarwat N Shah, Managing Director Zaamin Town and Charter President Rotary Club of Karachi Silver Sands as a realisation of her vision for Empowered Pakistani Women especially those of the middle class.

The launch activities of NISA Block encompassed promotion of Women entrepreneurs, uplift of women with disabilities, encouragement of female artists, talent and bikers, support intersex women, empowering young women though opportunities, and appreciating and celebrating women achievers through awards and accolades.


Globally, women constitute a significantly smaller part of all landowners. Less than 15% all of land owners are women. Women owners are also less likely than men to have a legal document proving ownership of their plots or to have their names on the land ownership document.

In Pakistan also, majority of property is bought in the name of the men of the family even when the purchase money belongs to the woman. This trend has many deep rooted causes and consequences including a considerable effect on the status of women and gender parity standards.

Sustained socio-economic Women Empowerment is only possible with long term, substantial and practical steps and not just lip service at seminars and conferences. NISA Block has broken stereotypes in property acquisition by making it lucrative and convenient if done so in the name of a female family member.


The middle class is suffering in the current economic crisis and needs to be rescued as they are the custodians of our cultural, moral, social and even religious values at many levels. They need a helping hand to survive and sustain the hardships of the economic crunch. Ms Shah being a lawyer and psychotherapist by education and a philanthropist at heart, propagates the need for all corporates and institutions to think like social scientists in their fields and work together to find solutions for job creation, income generation, basic education and health, access to decent food, sufficient clothing and affordable shelter for all countrymen in this countrywide economic crisis which can otherwise turn into anarchy and a tragedy if left unattended.

The Chairperson and MD both view their company as a humanitarian corporation and their concern and sensitivity towards the social degeneration inspired them to bring creative solutions for the uplift of community alongside profit making, as an integral part of their business.

Combined Solution

NISA Block provides access to affordable housing at an unprecedented and unbelievable payment schedule when the plot is booked in the name of the female family member. This powerful initiative has given tremendous hope to women and a practical shape to Sarwat Shah’s version of True & Equitable Women Empowerment by increasing the % of women landowners contributing to improved gender parity in this area.

This undoubtedly marks a disrupt, innovation, milestone, and a commendable and unique model in the Real Estate Industry whereby a Property Developer has given priority to the interest of the community above commercial interest and reached out to rescue the middle class by providing them access to an assets that they were deprived of but so rightly and desperately deserve to own.

NISA Block 2

On popular demand, the benefaction of NISA Block has been made a permanent feature by Zaamin Builders to continue and empower not just women but families as a whole!

The barriers of Down Payment and burdens of balloon payments have been stripped down to make property ownership Accessible to all because: Every family deserves a decent home.


  1. No Down Payment
  2. No Quarterly Payments
  3. No Annual Payments
  4. Only Flat Monthly Instalments
  5. Total payment of cost of land in 72 months
  6. Duly Approved by Sindh Master Plan Authority
  7. Water, Electricity and Gas NOCs Aquired
  8. Town Planning NOC Acquired
  9. Prime location on M9 Highway
  10. Development Work Rapidly in Progress

We encourage women to take this bold step for themselves, their sisters and daughters and invite men to come forward and book a plot for their womenfolk for Just Rs. 15,000/- per month without any stress of down payment or quarterly, annual charges and let them become the torchbearers of taking the family towards economic stability and contribute towards security of owning a home.

NISA Block making waves of change and setting meaningful standards of women empowerment.

More and more men and families are choosing to buy property in the name of their female family members who are becoming a source of empowering the entire family by making access to property ownership possible without any down payment!

Be a part of this revolution and honour the women of your family by making them a LANDLADY @ Nisa Block Zaamin Town.

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