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Historic Presidential Elections at The Okhai Memon Jamat


By Abdul Haseeb M. Hussain Vayani

KARACHI: In a momentous event that resonates deeply within the Okhai Memon community, the Presidential Elections of Okhai Memon Jamat for the year 2023-2025 were held on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at the prestigious Hussain Ibrahim Sports Complex and Community Center in Hussainabad, Federal B Area, Karachi. The elections saw a spirited competition among three dedicated candidates, culminating in the declaration of Aziz Ahmed Haji Abdul Karim Kath as the victor.

A total of 13,002 registered voters exercised their democratic right in this landmark event. The voter turnout was impressive, with 5,180 members of the community casting their ballots. Only 19 votes were invalidated, emphasizing the meticulous organization of the elections. The valid votes counted to a significant 5,161, with an overall turnout percentage of 40%.

The three candidates who vied for the prestigious position of President of The Okhai Memon Jamat were as follows:

  1. Aziz Ahmed Haji Abdul Kareem Kath: With an impressive and commendable total of 3,727 votes, Mr. Aziz Ahmed Haji Abdul Kareem Kath secured a clear mandate from the community. His dedication and vision for the future of the Okhai Memon Jamat resonated strongly with the voters, earning him the honor of being the newly elected President.
  2. Mohammed Yasin Kerya Abdul Sattar vayani: Mr. Mohammed Yasin Kerya Abdul Sattar vayani, a formidable contender, garnered 1,132 votes. His participation in the elections showcased the vibrant diversity of ideas within the Okhai Memon community.
  3. Shahid Iqbal Barai: Mr. Shahid Aqbal Barai, an advocate for community engagement, received 302 votes. His contributions and involvement in the electoral process are commendable.

The Okhai Memon Jamat is renowned for its rich history, philanthropic endeavors, and commitment to community development. The successful conduct of these elections further solidifies the democratic values at the heart of the community.

The newly elected President, Aziz Ahmed Haji Abdul Kareem Kath, expressed his gratitude to the community for their overwhelming support. He pledged to work tirelessly to address the needs and aspirations of the Okhai Memon Jamat, ensuring its continued growth and prosperity.

These elections mark a pivotal moment in the history of The Okhai Memon Jamat, showcasing the community’s unity and commitment to self-governance. The results reflect the trust placed in Mr. Aziz Ahmed Haji Abdul Kareem Kath and the collective determination to uphold the values that have defined the Okhai Memon community for generation.

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