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CEBO officials visits Gulfood Trade Show in leadership with Chef Samia Lari



DUBAI/KARACHI: CEBO (Cater, Event Planner, Baker Organisation) is taking steps to grow the industry to women entrepreneurs. CEBO has always been there to support small scale entrepreneurs and again, to give hype to their members, The Chef Samia Lari President and community leader of CEBO Management Company has recently participated and organized the visit to Gulfood Trade Show 2023 at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), Dubai, United Arab Emirates to give a Pakistani women entrepreneur the pathway to new direction.

The event was organized for the member of CEBO to give them a vast exposure of the culinary industry. The Gulfood Trade Show is one of the most significant food and hospitality events in the world, held annually in Dubai, UAE. The event attracts a diverse range of industry professionals, from food manufacturers to distributors, retailers, and hospitality industry experts, as well as visitors from all over the world. The event is a platform for networking, showcasing the latest products and services, and exploring new business opportunities.

It was immense pleasure to meet the chefs all around the world who has come to attend the workshop of leading chefs, it was an amazing learning journey of new cooking techniques.

Gulfood Trade Show was held from February 20th to 24th February at the DWTC. It was organized by Dubai World Trade Center, which is one of the leading event organizers in the Middle East.

The presence of well-known chefs, Chef Aitor jeronimo Orive , Chef Daniele Sperindio, Chef peeter pihel, Chef Michael Wilson, Chef Carmen Rueda, around the world has been very exciting. They are renowned chefs with over many years of experience in the culinary industry and they are known for their innovative approach to cooking and commitment to quality, They have earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading chefs.

Verity of cakes, breads and buns were mesmerizing which was taught in most simple and easiest way.

These are the participants who trusted CEBO and fly with us in the event with full vim and vigor.

Farhana Jamil, Hira jaffery, Ruksana shafique, Basma khan, Amber Iqbal, Sumaira imran ,Tasneem Rafiq and Rafiq Vayani (Official Media Partner (Biz Today International).

CEBO Management Company and team also has a honor to attend the workshop in International center for culinary arts Dubai (ICCA).

The International Center for Culinary Arts Dubai (ICCA) is a world-renowned culinary school that has been providing exceptional culinary education for over a decade. Located in the heart of Dubai, ICCA has become a global hub for culinary education, attracting aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts from all over the world.

In addition, there were different brands that we could compare and establish a good relationship with.

And most importantly, when we visit such places where people come and share their experiences, the windows of learning opens up. And especially Pakistani women who have a very domestic lifestyle and prefer to work at home.

When they go out and visit internationally and explore the international market where countries from all over the world are representing their country, there are many opportunities for them to learn. Therefore this was the best initiative taken by CEBO Management Company in order to introduce the new face of Pakistan to the world.

If the chef standing in front of you is a chef whom you only see on TV screen, in newspapers or magazines. Whose workings and praises we hear at the international level. And we cannot go to their country to learn or meet them because it requires a lot of money and time. So this visit was an excellent opportunity to learn from them under one roof and teach it in your country after going back to your country, it is also an ongoing charity and also an excellent tool to highlight the skills.

CEBO Management Company has a marvelous opportunity to conduct the workshops in renowned restaurants of Dubai.

Italian food was the main core of the workshop in Crown Plaza, Italian cuisine is known for its variety, simplicity, and emphasis on quality ingredients. It is one of the most popular and beloved cuisines in the world, and has a rich history dating back centuries. Some of the specialties of Italian food include Pasta, Pizza, Rissotto, Gelato and espresso.

CEBO has conducted workshop to show and guide in cooking recipe of Wild white truffle mushroom sauce pizza and very awesome Flavor oil making which was extremely incredible.

In Kings Darbar restaurant CEBO Management company has an opportunity to conduct a workshop on Hyderabadi food which was most famous Hyderabadi Biryani and super delicious Bar B Q platter which was  a heart winning experience.

Chef Samia Lari the president and community leader of CEBO Management company beliefs that such visits boost business and also women entrepreneurs .And this was the main reason why she organized to attended this workshop and gave skills a new boost.

CEBO Management company and Chef Samia Lari will keep on organizing such visits in future as well with the same aim and objectivity. It is requested to all the Pakistani women to join the CEBO group and give boost to your business and the industry of Pakistan and showcase the hidden talent.

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