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Tadej Pogačar and Medex: together for a bee-friendly world


By Rafiq Vayani

DUBAI: Tadej Pogačar, No. 1 cyclist in the world, who has stunned the world with his sporting achievements, has become the ambassador of bees, bee products and a bee-friendly world. He has joined forces with a green, creative, and smart Slovenian company Medex. A pledge of commitment has been signed by both parties to raise awareness about the importance of bees, which are as pollinators responsible for one third of the world food production; to reduce hunger and poverty by increasing food crops; to empower women by developing beekeeping; and to advocate a healthy lifestyle.

Tadej Pogačar has dazzled the world with his exceptional sporting achievements but no less with his amazing personality, sound values and a healthy lifestyle. Qualities like modesty, diligence, determination, perseverance, strong ties with his team and family are also the qualities of bees and bee families. Bees have been alive and busy for more than 100 million years. For the survival, protection, and resistance of their own family they have invented precious bee product like honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen …, which people have used for centuries to improve their health and well-being. However, these insects that are so vital for maintaining biological balance in nature and food security in the world are nowadays facing a range of different threats.

Because of his values, personal qualities, and lifestyle a bee-centric Slovenian company Medex has recognised in Tadej Pogačar a perfect partner in raising awareness about protecting bees and spreading the idea of a bee-friendly world. As a first-rate athlete he is one of the best promoters of Slovenia and an official ambassador of Slovenian tourism. His native country Slovenia is also a cradle of modern beekeeping, sharing the beekeeping know-how all over the world.

Beekeeping is not important only because of bee products and environmental factors. It improves people’s lives in several ways and largely contributes to the fulfilment of UNESCO’s sustainable development goals. It helps reduce poverty and hunger by increasing fruit and vegetable crops, dependent on pollination. It creates job possibilities and contributes to development and economic growth. It promotes gender equality since in certain parts of the world beekeeping is still one of few activities that women can take part in. It improves health and well-being with natural bee products.

Tadej Pogačar’s motto never quit trying, never give up will surely provide an appropriate mindset in meeting these valuable goals. This is another quality of Tadej’s that links him even more strongly to amazing bees and Medex.

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