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7 Chefs Institute of Culinary Arts conducts New year edition Meet N Greet Workshop Bakery Dash 2022


By Mehreen Mushtaq Kazi

My new year started with the aroma of freshly baked yummy treats (SLURP) with “7 Chefs Institute of Culinary Arts”. It was fun filled learning and ideal kitchen that could be dream of any woman full of positive vibes. I was literally drooling over the professional  huge kitchen equipment and appliances.

7 chefs was founded by Chef Jalal Haider (a renowned name in the culinary Industry) with his close chef friends. They believed 7 is their lucky number, hence they named their project, “7 chefs”. This is a consultancy firm that provides consultancy to different restaurants to build their menu, staff hiring, staff training and more on. Another project of 7chefs is 7 chefs institute of culinary arts. Chef Ali Abbas is the CEO of this institute situated in PECHS. He is certified industrial Chef and served in UAE and Pakistan. He is indeed downtown earth and a very humble gentle man with extremely great hospitality skills. We all thoroughly enjoyed his wisdom, and amazing company.

Chef Faiza Khan

I had gotten an invitation by Chef Ali Abbas to celebrate the new year by learning two healthier recipes by a professional Chef Faiza Khan.

Faiza Khan is certified Chef, double Masters in marketing, She has done many certifications in healthy lifestyle, nutrition and healthy food from abroad and served in different countries as a chef. Now she is working with 7 Cefs as a consultant and serving many renowned restaurants in Karachi. I must say she is a highly experienced and skillful individual.

They started as a game, divided guests into three groups. Chef Faiza expertly described the recipe and all the 3 groups started working accordingly during each baking segment. She told in depth details for each recipe and effects of ingredients.
Group A: Yasir Biloo, Raafia Mamujee, Fatima Shiraz
Group B: Uzma, Samreen Akbani, Hira
Group C: Mehreen Mushtaq, Sana Mirza, Sarah Rehman

It was indeed a very informative session, I used to be a great Baker since my adolescence but now its like I was just passing time.

I have learnt a brand new way to bake banana bread and double chocolate muffin, the healthier and lighter version without compromising flavor. I had revived my brownie recipe in light of Faizia’s lecture, it turned out even better.
It was a real pleasure working with the most amazing individuals gathered by the institute and I will recommend everyone to enroll and learn from them.

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