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HMR Waterfront will change the landscape of Karachi: Haji Rafiq Pardesi


By Rafiq Vayani/Kamran Hashim

KARACHI: Haji Muhammad Rafiq Pardesi, Chairman – HMR Group while briefing the media via his televised message said; “HMR Waterfront (a part of HMR Group) will be one of the most unique project in Pakistan and this this project will change the landscape of Karachi”.

Chairman HMR Group traces the roots of HMR Group back by 100 years and said; “HMR Group is more than a 100 year old establishment and since then family has been in business from generation to generation. Currently our family is scattered all over the world with roots in Africa, Middle East and in Sub-Continent”.

He said; “I ventured into property development very early and I was also a part of Jumeaira Lake Tower (JLT) during its initial development period of 2002. I remember that, at that time Dubai was just a desert with sand-dunes only, but today Dubai is full of life”.

Briefing on his HMR Waterfront, he said; “our project HMR Waterfront is being erected on Karachi’s prime coastline located in Defence Housing Authority (DHA). All the master-plans are approved, even the towers are approved. This will be a gated community and this project has designed by some of the best property-designers in business”.

He further briefed on his project by saying; “we have allocated the front-side towers for offices, this will be convenient for any non-residents working here at HMR Waterfront Office Block. For residents having their offices nearby would more than convenient for them.”

On payment schedule Haji Rafiq Pardesi said; “we have a very convenient payment plan of 4 years, which inter-linked with project’s construction, as the construction goes-on, you pay and if there is no construction then you don’t have to pay. We as developers will make sure not to delay, if we promise 4 years, we will try to finish things before that”.

On concluding note, Haji Rafiq Pardesi, Chairman of HMR Group said; “Allah has blessed our country Pakistan with so much that I cannot even describe, I have travelled all over the world and I am yet to see a country like Pakistan. With HMR Waterfront, we are trying to bring something that would be soothing sight for Pakistani’s and they would feel at peace and enjoy their life here. I meet a lot of overseas Pakistanis, those who have lived most of their lives either in Middle East, Europe or Americas. They expect a similar living standard here in Pakistan, and I would like to ensure them that here at HMR Waterfront they will get the best better living standard here in Pakistan, which can be compared to any developed country”.

Muhammad Hasnain Pardesi, Director HMR Group briefed about the finer details of HMR Waterfront and he said; “HMR Waterfront will be HMR Group’s most iconic project and it will be carrying forward the legacy of our 100 year old family business”.

Director of HMR Group further briefed; “HMR Waterfront is spread on 33.12 acres of land on Abdul Sattar Avenue facing Arabian Sea. It consists of total 19 high-rise towers (14 Residential-Towers and 5 Office-Towers). Our office block will be one of best office block in Pakistan and they will give you a feel of any office block located in any developed western country. Our office block will have all international level facilities including a helipad, which an individual or any property-developer can imagine. We are sure that this sky line will change the outlook of Karachi and also the outlook of Karachi’s coastline”.

On CSR side, he said; “as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we will be utilizing only 58% of land for construction of towers and remaining 42% is being given back to the community. We will be focusing on quality as we cannot compromise on it because of reputation of our 100 year family business will be at stake”.

Hasnain Pardesi highly praised his fellow Pakistani’s and said; “as a nation we Pakistanis are god-gifted with talent and any sector that they venture into flourishes. Same can be said about Dubai’s property development sector. If we Pakistani’s can contribute in Dubai’s development, then why can we contribute in development of our very own city of Karachi? We came to Pakistan with this exact thought. Now our aim to give an international level sky-line to our city”.

On concluding note Muhammad Hasnain Pardesi, Director of HMR Group said; “we plan to cater to Pakistani’s living here in Pakistan as well as those who live overseas, because we feel that overseas Pakistanis consist mostly educated and highly qualified Pakistanis. Many overseas Pakistani’s are living abroad due to lack high-class living standards here in Pakistan. We plan to attract and bring back these overseas Pakistanis by offering them the best possible facilities. I would request overseas Pakistani’s for having at least one home here in their motherland (Pakistan) and what else can a better place than HMR Waterfront”.

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