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Red Palm Oil needs to be promoted extensively here in Pakistan – Johari Bin Minal



KARACHI: The 3rd edition of ‘Biz Today Leadership Talks: Coffee and Conversation’ powered by Mentor Suiting was held on Monday 15th February 2021 at Marriott Hotel Karachi. With these leadership talks, Biz Today aims to bring the world closer and open new ways of collaboration over a cup of coffee.

As usual, it starts over a cup of coffee and then a conversation with a leader and this time our leader/speaker for this 3rd edition of ‘Biz Today Leadership Talks: Coffee and Conversation’, was Mr. Johari Bin Minal, Regional Manager of Malaysian Palm Oil Board for West Asia region and with that he also holds the portfolio of being the Consul at Consulate General of Malaysia in Karachi.

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Shaikh of Imtiaz Enterprises in his welcome speech welcomed all the guests and participants of the event. He also stressed on the need of having more events like this one as these type of events are very beneficial for enhancement of bilateral ties between two countries.

Mr. Johari Bin Minal being a seasoned diplomat, seemed very comfortable when occupying the hot seat opposite our interviewer Sundus Rasheed. He started off by informing us that he belongs to mid-sized town of Batu Pahat in Malaysia. According to him Batu Pahat is also famous for its biryani. This means that his taste buds are familiar with the taste of biryani and surely enjoys biryani here Karachi. He said; “it is the food in Karachi that makes my stay comfortable and enjoyable. Noorani Kabab House is my among all Karachi’s eateries”.

The Malaysian Consul said; “before coming to Karachi, I had served as Science Attaché in New York and now I am here Karachi serving as Consul for Malaysian Consulate and with that I also have an additional responsibility of being the representative of Malaysian Palm Oil Board”.

During his reply to a questions, he highlighted the benefits of Palm Oil by saying that; “Palm Oil is the most consumed oil in the world because of its health benefits and cost-effectiveness”.

He further added by saying that; “most of us know of palm oil just as medium cooking, but interestingly palm oil also gives us oleo-chemicals just like petro-chemicals”.

He also mentioned that; “70% of the palm oil produced is consumed for cooking and 30% is used to get oleo-chemicals used in numerous products. As we know many chemicals are used in the making cosmetics, so substituting petro-chemicals for oleo-chemicals is a much better option. This makes our daily use cosmetics good for skin because it is rich in vitamin E”.

He further highlighted the Palm Oil by saying; “Palm-oil is healthier for cooking and especially for deep-frying because the result will be crispier and beautiful golden color”.

Mr. Johari Bin Minal introduced Red Palm Oil and according to him; “Red Palm Oil has same benefits that an Olive Oil has, but Red Palm Oil is three times of lesser price than that of Olive Oil. Unluckily Red Palm Oil is not available in Pakistan. Red Palm Oil will make your meal more palatable and a lot healthier”.

Replying to a question asked about disturbing natural habitat Orang-utans for growing coconut palm plantation he said; “orang-utans are mostly found in Borneo (an island politically dividing Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei) and the areas used for coconut palm plantations are not where the orang-utans live. So the coconut palm plantations are not at all a threat to them”.

On concluding note, Mr. Johari Bin Minal said; “apart from Palm Oil, I see a lot of potential in Pakistan’s Education & IT sector. I must compliment the Pakistani youth for their IT skill as many are working in both countries”.

Vote of thanks was delivered by young and energetic CEO of Mentor Suiting Mr. Rafay Hussain, who expressed his gratitude and thanked all the guests and participants for attending this

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