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Alef Education launches AI-driven app for language learning


ABU DHABI: Leading global edtech company Alef Education, based out of Abu Dhabi, has launched Arabits, an AI-powered mobile app for Arabic language learners to develop their Arabic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through bite-sized learning modules.

While English is widely spoken in the Emirates, a good grasp of Arabic fundamentals is a boon to business and professional success. Alef Education is targeting the more than six million non-Arabic speaking expatriates who work and do business in the UAE, in addition to the student population for whom Arabic is a requirement in schools.

With tight schedules and reduced budgets, traditional solutions are out of reach for most language learners.In response, Alef Education has developed Arabits to make learning Arabic easier and more effective for harried business professionals and busy students. It is the same company that developed an AI-driven digital platform that has been helping students achieve better learning outcomes in schools across the UAE, USA, and Canada.

Dr. Abrar Abdulnabi, Head of Arabits and Arabic AI Technology said: “We are proud to launch Arabits, which is an Arabic language learning app powered by AI that incorporates machine learning solutions for handwriting and speech recognition that gives live feedback to users. For Arabits, it was important to transform the cutting-edge AI solutions being integrated in the app to allow users to interact, advance and improve their Arabic language skills.  Bit by bit, users of Arabits will gain more confidence and be more proficient in learning and using the language.”

So, whether you are a student, parent, a business professional, or just someone interested learning a new language, we are confident that Arabits is the better way to learn Arabic.

Leveraging Alef Education’s experience and technology, Arabits’ signature learning modules are designed by experienced education professionals and enriched by machine learning to help language learners develop their Arabic reading, handwriting and conversation skills bit by bit, while progressing through attainment-based levels.

Arabits delivers a trusted, holistic language learning system to help students learn, practice, and improve their Arabic-language skills. The app is carefully aligned with the UAE Ministry of Education Framework for learning Arabic as an additional language, empowering young learners from all backgrounds to meet the grade level requirements for Arabic in the UAE.

“Arabits is created by experienced education professionals and AI Arabic language experts to help learners, practice and improve their Arabic-language skills in a manner that suits each learners’ capabilities and learning style.The app is a brilliant tool for learning Arabic regardless of your age or proficiency level.

Our ultimate goal is to help everyone learn Arabic. We aim to contribute to the UAE’s efforts of modernizing the teaching and learning of the Arabic language; and, we hope, make learning Arabic fun and easy for everyone,”Dr. Abrar concluded.

Arabits is available online via the:

  1. Play Store

Apple App store

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