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RTA Dubai advances 3D printing in cooperation with Serco and specialist firm


DUBAI: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has made significant progress in the manufacturing of metro spare parts using 3D printing technology during the exceptional circumstances forced by the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19. 

“RTA is always keen on applying the latest technology in various processes including 3D printing. The drive is compatible with Dubai’s 3D printing strategy,” said Mohammed Al Amiri, Director of Maintenance, Rail Agency, RTA.

“RTA’s maintenance teams provided every support to the frontline personnel during the lockdown of the National Disinfection Programme for tackling Covid-19 by manufacturing ‘Mask Strap Clips’ and ‘Button Pushers’. The technology succeeded in providing some metro spare parts in a record time that saved 90% of the time of sourcing those parts through conventional means. It also saved 50% of the original cost,” said Amiri.

“The use of 3D printing in several projects and applications helps developing new techniques and creative means capable of contributing effectively to making Dubai the smartest city in the world. 3D printing is progressing at an increasing rate all over the world. RTA intends to play a leading role in the development and optimal use of these technologies as part of its efforts to use the best global practices of the public transport industry and the required infrastructure,” he remarked.  

“RTA would wish to praise the ongoing cooperation with Serco, the Dubai Metro maintenance contractor, in the manufacturing of materials and spare parts required for the metro and associated systems using 3D printing. Serco has therefore developed several models considered the first of their kind in the region for use in several areas such as trains, communication systems and ticket vending machines,” he added. 

“RTA and Serco are cooperating with a specialist firm under an MoU designating that firm as a technology partner in this field. The firm has been instrumental in lending support to the manufacturing of the required parts using 3D printing, thanks to its extensive experience in this field. Through using cutting-edge technology of 3D printing, RTA aims to support the maintenance teams and extend the life cycle of assets as well,” concluded Amiri. BIZ TODAY MONITOR

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