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Business Community looking for moral support from authorities: Saeed Hanifia


By Kamran Hashim / Rafiq Vayani

Prominent businessman & socialite Mr. Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, who owns famous chain of restaurants by name of Hanifia said; “Business community of Karachi has always supported concerned authorities financially and morally, but now this business community is in dire need of support from concerned authorities. Any sort of help will be great to start off with, but moral support will be great to start off with. We can do rest by ourselves.”

Muhammad Saeed Qureshi is the shorter version of Mohammad Saeed Bin Al-Haj Muhammad Hanif Shimlavi, but he is commonly known as Saeed Hanifia. He was talking to team BizToday at his New Town Branch, where they served us with Hanifia’s most famous Chatpata Broast. It sure did live upto its name which translates to spicy broast. Chatpata Broast is served with an ample serving of french-fries, garlic sauce and tomato ketchup.

After consuming one of the best broast in Karachi, tea was served and then began the actual purpose of our today’s visit, which was to explore and introduce this gem of an eatery to our viewers. Saeed Hanifia owner of Hanifia, began by saying that; “we started this food business back in 1889 from Shimla, India. My Grandfather and father Al-Haj Muhammad Hanif Shimlavi were into this making of hunter beef variety before partition. After partition, they shifted and settled their business in Karachi and by the grace of almighty ALLAH we have gained more popularity by every passing day. I joined family business during 1986 and since then we havnt looked back. Alhamdulillah we are progressing with each passing day.”

Saeed Hanifia said; “today Hanifia is a very well established brand and is also one of the most trusted names in food industry of Karachi. This trustworthy reputation has been earned by hard work with dedication for over a century.  I would say that the very original recipes and unique taste are the keystones to the success that Hanifia has had in Karachi after partition. Today Alhamdulillah our fourth generation has entered into our family business.”

He continued by adding that; “Hanifia has the distinction of not only mastering the art of contemporary fast food, but also introducing some products of its own.  We introduced first ever burger in Karachi only for the price of 75 paisa. We then introduced Zinger Burger from the west, Tazig from Saudi Arabia and Gyro from Greece with an identity of our own.  This trend still persists and we continue to offer the best of tastes at the lowest of prices. Hanifia has successfully brought in food products of the world and given them exquisite Pakistani flavors. Hanifia believes in maintaining standard in every detail, our very own ‘mustard sauce’ is unmatched in the entire industry.”

Replying to a question on expanding Hanifia across Pakistan, Saeed Qureshi said; “we do have plans to expand our operations to other major cities of Pakistan, but all that is in planning phase, we won’t rush on it. Currently we have four branches spread over Karachi and I feel that at this moment these four branches are sufficient enough to cater Karachi. Our branches in Defence, Clifton and two at New-Town are doing well. We have an excellent and very well trained team for deliveries. FoodPanda also delivers for Hanifia. We also cater to corporate and private events. On international front our experience of establishing Hanifia in Dubai was a good experience. Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul are two places  where I would love to open an outlet of Hanifia.”

On hottest selling items; Saeed Qureshi said; “our hottest selling item has always been our Hunter Beef, which is now closely followed by Chatpata Broast. Our Chatpata Broast has been copied by many but none could match the taste that we have developed. Our sandwiches are in great demand among corporate sector during lunch times. Our mandi, (both chicken and mutton) is also doing well. For Sea food lovers we have our very own Broasted Fish and Chips. Dieting enthusiast prefer our Pressed Hunter Chicken. This item is made fresh and delivered frozen to preserve its taste.”

Saeed Hanifia is socially very active and also a very popular person among his friends circle. He is currently member of Rotary Club of Karachi ‘South’, executive member of All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA), convener of FPCCI’s Halal Food & Services Committee, senior vice chairman of KCCI’s sub-committee for Provincial & Local Taxes and chairman Food Committee of All City Tajir Ittehad. On current scenario Saeed Hanifia went on to say that; “due to recent lockdown majority of businesses suffered huge amount of losses, we also suffered hugely, but thanks to ALLAH after a certain period deliveries were permitted that that was for a very short duration during the day. After lockdown heavy monsoon rains created more havoc for already distressed business community of Karachi. I would request concerned authorities to give relief to distressed business community of Karachi in shape of taxes and on utilities bills. We don’t have much hopes, but till arrival of any sort of help and I would urge our business community to make matters smooth on self-help basis (help yourself).”

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