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Changing mindsets will do wonders for Pakistani Industry: Abdul Rasheed Jan Muhammad


By Kamran Hashim / Rafiq Vayani

KARACHI: Speaking at the launch ceremony of “Sunridge Chakki Fortified Atta” by Unity Foods here at Port Qasim last week, seasoned industrialist Mr. Abdul Rasheed Jan Muhammad Chief Executive Officer of Westbury Group of Companies said; “changing the mindset of concerned authorities can do wonders for Pakistani industry”. He was referring to his meeting with senior customs official, where he focused on the word ‘facilitation’ and he said; “role of customs should be changed to be as a ‘facilitator’ instead of being merely a collector. With the role of being a ‘facilitator’ a lot will function smoothly and collection with follow-in automatically”.

He also lauded the efforts of Mr. Farrukh Amin Godil, CEO of Unity Foods / Sundridge Flour Mills for launching first of its kind “Sunridge Chakki Fortified Atta”, which comes equipped with all the essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B12, zinc, iron and folic acid. It is prepared in state-of-the-art PESA Mill, which is a Swiss technology introduced first time ever by Unity Foods in Pakistan. This mill helps to ensure that the wheat is free from all kinds of impurities such as dust, chemicals and bacteria. He said; “the most unique quality of Farrukh Amin Godil that sets him apart from the rest is his ‘innovative mind’ and his value addition mindset. He keeps thinking on his innovative ideas and at certain time discusses them also. We Pakistanis are roti lovers instead of rice and Farrukh Amin Godil knew this very well. I pray for his success.”

On concluding note Mr. Abdul Rasheed Jan Muhammad said; “I am here in Port Qasim since 1993, when there wasn’t much infra-structure here.  A lot has improved since then. I welcome all new comers here with an open heart and try to act as a facilitator for new comers. Ex Malaysian Prime Minister Mahateer Muhammad once said, build infra-structure and then businesses will come automatically, but here authorities allot lands to businesses without any infra-structure and businesses start off and they start to look for infrastructure here and there. This should be improved.

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