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Falak Usman Productions with a content shoot of body shaming


KARACHI: A girl was trolled to death on the social media platforms, Facebook, instagram and tiktok.

Falak Usman Productions has standup for her, and potray the image of being a chubby person in our own way!

Falak Usman Productions like they always work on a new theme and game changing series created an extra ordinary effort for this shoot!

Ashamed of being too fat or too thin. Ashamed of our muffin tops, bingo wings, love handles, pancake chests, or flat bums. Ashamed of our bumpy, big, fat, and pointy noses. Ashamed of our armpit hair, leg fuzz, and bikini line. Ashamed of our cellulite, large pores, wrinkles, freckles, birthmarks, age spots, or pimples.

As appearance matters more in a visual and virtual culture and our bodies become ourselves — and this is one of my main claims in Perfect Me — then the shame that attaches to body failure is going to increase. This shame is exacerbated and compounded by practices of body shaming.

Body shaming is ubiquitous; it’s part of our routine and everyday experience. Negative comments about appearance constantly happen to those in the public eye. PR

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fu.pro14
Instagram: www.instagram.com/falakusmanproduc

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