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Nighat Mehmood’s mission is to empower women to empower country


By Sabeen Ali Jafri / Rafiq Vayani / Kamran Hashim

KARACHI: Nighat Mehmood started her professional journey early when she joined national airlines Pakistan international Airlines (PIA). Belonging to Peshawar, which wasn’t an easy place back then for working women back when Nighat Mehmood started working for PIA. At that time she was the only female in her family who took an initiative to step out and work. She later on became a role model for her family and later-on for all women who were seeking a life beyond stereotypes.

According to her, joining PIA was one of the best decision she ever made. Reason being that her job required travelling all over the world and she being a quick learner observed and learnt different cultures all over the world. She learned different cultures very quickly.

Her career in PIA was cut short due to her marriage which resulted in her shift of focus towards her family, but even then no one could stop her for working for the betterment of Pakistan. Her continuous learning habit prompted her to move to the next-level of cooking that to be a good-chef and then onwards to be a specialist in herbs (herbalist). passion to serve her country runs in her veins and this prompted her to become an active social worker and pretty soon she became a very well known social worker.

Currently Nighat Mehmood is Media and Marketing Head at Handicrafts Association of Pakistan (HAP) and with that she also owns her business by the name of Easy Peasy. Initially Easy Peasy was into cooking business but later-on it was converted into herbal/organic hair-care and skin-care products.

She as a businesswoman, herbalist and social worker aims at empowering women to empower Pakistan and with this mission her target is to ensure that every girl gets a chance to pursue their talents and follow their dreams. She is not only providing support to them but also makes sure that their talents gets acknowledgment through media presence.

She supports young and budding girls/women entrepreneurs in maintaining their careers by constantly mentoring them. She supports women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to a scale, which will result in creation of social and economic impact for their communities. She is a selfless supporter of women entrepreneurs.

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