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Can Zaldi be released from Ghost disorders?


MEDAN CITY, Indonesia: After the success of the debut film titled ‘Tukang Olah’ (Cheater), Demban Production is now releasing a second film that is no less excited, titled ‘Pemburu Hantu’ (Ghost Hunters).

An Indonesian horror / comedy genre movie will show scary scenes for ghostbumps. But still interspersed with fresh comedy.

Through acting action from Medan musicians in the 90’s who were involved in the cultivation of this film, among others, were Ranto, Buyoung Bangke, Acai Kucai, Yudi alias Rakyat Jelata, Zaldi Nasution and Ganto Bro Star.

Short film takes the location of shooting in the river reed area – Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatera, Indonesia, tells the story of a dwelling house inhabited by the haunted Zaldi Nasution.

Every day, this man with thick eyes and long-haired feels frightened because he continues to be disturbed by supernatural beings in the house he has just contracted.

Because he could not stand it, Zaldi also told about the awesomeness of his house to his three friends played by, Ranto, Yudi alias Rakyat Jelata and Ganto Bro Star.

Feeling sorry to hear Zaldi’s complaints, the three made plans. Hoping Zaldi will not be disturbed again by abstrack creatures who are always noisy. But unfortunately, their efforts actually become disastrous, when their conversation is heard by a garbage scavenger played by Buyoung Bangke.

Buyoung had been pretending to quote rubbish while eavesdropping, apparently also had other plans. Finally, this is where the chaos began to occur. This film can be watched on Demban Production’s YouTube channel.

Ranto Hutauruk as the director in this film said, the film  ‘Pemburu Hantu’ (Ghost Hunters) was worked out in more detail than in previous films that had been produced by Demban.

The location of the place of shooting, the atmosphere and other supporting conditions must be considered carefully.

“Therefore we chose Serdang Bedagai area as the right location for shooting. The goal is that the chemistry of this film is in accordance with the story’s idea so that it truly entertains the audience, “he said.

Meanwhile, bang Beck’s as an observer of artistic creativity in the city of Medan – Indonesia, gave an appreciation of the creativity of acting that was built by Medan musicians.

In the midst of a decline in the world economy due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, they are able to anticipate as well as try to get out of the slump by developing creativity through acting.

This decision certainly not only benefits them but also contributes to the rapid growth of filmmakers from Medan, Indonesia. And hopefully the film titled ‘Pemburu Hantu’ (Ghost Hunters) can accept and entertain people.

At the same time it is expected to be able to start the growth and development of Medan musicians’ creativity in the film world.

“With the ease of internet technology facilities or the superiority of the YouTube platform, it should be seen as a powerful tool in developing creativity. What the musicians do under the auspices of Demban Production is very appropriate. We hope that many more Medan musicians will follow in the footsteps of musicians to work in the art of acting, “he said.

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