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Humanity’s head hangs in shame on Indian atrocities in Kashmir: Haji Rafiq Pardesi


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KARACHI: Speaking on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day, Haji Rafique Pardesi, Chairman, World Kashmir Forum (WKF), said that humanity is shocked and ashamed of the ongoing Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The international community should take immediate and decisive notice of these atrocities. He reiterated that we would continue to support the struggle of the oppressed Kashmiris at every forum. We will knock on every door to awaken the dead conscience of the international community.

Kashmir Martyrs’ Day is an eternal story of Kashmiris’ sacrifices, the first page of which was written on July 13, 1931, with the latest chapter being the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani. He expressed these views during a meeting with a delegation of senior journalists at the World Kashmir Forum Secretariat on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrs’ Day. Also present were Secretary-General of World Kashmir Forum and former Attorney General and Justice Anwar Mansoor Khan, Joint Secretary WKF Shaikh Rashid Alam, Treasurer  Rafiq Suleiman, and other officials of WKF.

Chairman Haji Rafiq Pardesi said that the history of independence of Kashmir dates back almost a century. July 13, 1931, marked the formal beginning of Kashmir’s independence movement when Kashmiri Muslims completed the call to prayer by braving bullets on their chests and embracing martyrdom with an iron will. Martyrdom and Islam are both present at the same time in the struggle of Kashmiris, and the establishment of Pakistan was achieved in Islam’s name. The sun of Kashmir’s independence will soon rise, taking Islam and peace in the region to new heights.

On this occasion, Secretary-General WKF Anwar Mansoor Khan said that the trial of Abdul Qadeer Khan in Central Jail Srinagar on July 13, 1931, first saw the unwanted interference by the Dogra Army, and today, the Indian Army has propelled barbarism to its peak. The struggle for the independence of Kashmir has never been more critical than today. He said that Kashmiris celebrate Martyrs’ Day every year under a reign of absolute terror, and reaffirm their commitment that the war of independence will continue till the last drop of blood of the last Muslim in Kashmir.

Indian atrocities that have been going on for nine decades have failed to suppress the invincible spirit and struggle for independence. Success shall be the destiny of Kashmiris. The United Nations must find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people to save the region from the horrors of war. The United Nations must pressure India to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with Security Council resolutions. The forcible occupation of Kashmir by India is against modern society’s moral values and the fundamental right of the people to self-determination. The struggle of the martyrs of Kashmir and their blood will not go in vain. Kashmiris will soon breathe in an independent land, free from massacres and evils of a similar kind.

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