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eMagine announces Robotics Kits for kids


Have you ever thought about your child’s education and the educational system, along with the balance of playtime and learning process? To finish this confusion and hassle, eMagine has announced Robotics Kits for kids on Pakistan, which will serve their best in educating and guiding the kids to their fullest. These technological items are for people of every age and not only limited to kids.

Besides, eMagine has come up with four educational robotic kits for kids in Pakistan. Their packages usually vary from kids age 6 to 16 years old. The actual purpose of these kits is to make the kids learn and grow with concepts of creating models and doing creativity.

Following are two of the kits that will give you an idea of the things work in them: 

  1. Junior Robotics: this set by eMagine is for kids age 5 to 8 years studying in kindergarten and primary sections. There is a plastic tub, which contains colorful Qboidz and Engino that allows the kids to make eight different types of models. Using the Junior Robotics set, the following models can be made from them:

a. eMagine 90 in 1 Model Motorized set: you have the option of making up a 90 models motion with a 3V motor with 90 in 1 Model Motorized Set. The set targets kids age 6 to 14 years old. There are a balance scale and a Grabber in this set along with the parallel linkages, a seesaw, a cart, a wheelbarrow, and a catapult for the lever lovers. Along with this, there is a well for wheels and an axle with a house to get to know about the significance of triangulation in structures and other things related to it. 

b. ERP MINI Expandable Robotics Platforms: ERP is designed for the kids above age eight till age 16 because it helps the kids to innovate and reconstruct their ideas daily. It has ten models that make and include a free app to look into the 3D models. 

  • STEM and Robotics Pro Single Set: a set by eMagine, known as The Stem and Robotics Pro Education set, is made for the kids studying in primary and secondary school. The game allows the children age 8 to 15 to create 34 Stem models. Moreover, it has the PRO controllers, one Touch Sensor, an RJ controller, three Motors, two InfraRed sensors, a USB cable, and five LED lights. 
  • Robotics set pro: Due to the rapid increase in the pandemic, the government has delayed opening the schools. Henceforth, these models serve a form of engaging your child with creative work instead of depending on television and phones.

The current situation requires a lot of patience and time. Thus, eMagine is playing a vital role in coping with the mental health of the kids under 15 years old. Their kits are beneficial in keeping the kids busy in creative activities. PR

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