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1st THRIVE CONFLUENCE 2020 marks beginning of a digital platform of growth, learning and progress


DUBAI: 18 Countries, 18 Topics, 180 Minutes 1 Platform – THRIVE. On May 30th 2020 OPOIE on pulled of a mammoth Digital global CONGRESS. The new normal has its challenges and with it; rewards. THRIVE Confluence connected 18 time zones, expert speakers and influence figures and 500 corporate and international participants from across the globe; capsulised into 180 minutes.

KP Singh, CEO, OPOIE Said, ‘THRIVE, Yes, In Love with THRIVE… Coordinating 500+ registrations along different geographical boundaries, spreading to more that 30 countries, mapping different time zones, super powerful Influencers from 18 countries, speaking on 18 important topics, all in a capsule of 180 minutes, it was truly a herculean task in the new normal era. The energy of the Speakers, help from the participants and the zeal of the team, we achieved it meticulously and beautifully.”

The 1st THRIVE CONFLUENCE on 30th May 2020 marked the beginning of a digital platform of growth, learning and progress.

International Experts joined in from India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mayanmar, Panama, Germany, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, South Africa, Philippines and Nepal.

Rumaisa Reem (Founder of Rumaisa Reem Leadership UK and Pakistan) Said, “I am proud to be a a part of such a diverse and multi-disciplinary platform. I was grateful to have represented Pakistan. Hats of to Team THRIVE.”

OPOIE, based In India and spread all over the globe is  the parent organisation  behind the  THRIVE CONFLUENCE, which will continue as a series of live sessions, enriched with diversity, multi-topic learning from experts and opportunities to connect globally. To stay connected register with OPOIE on their website www.OPOIE.com.

Esteemed speakers included, Adil Malia, , Barbra Landers Schultz, Farhana Vohra, Hamza Taqi, Jessica J Lockhart, Julie Lewis, Mahesh Bhatt, Mahesh  Iyer, Dr M Ashraf Rizvi, Mukesh Bajaj, Olga Valdepena, Dr Promod Sadarjoshi, Roselle Munyasac, Rumaisa Reem, Dr Simmy Kataria, Dr Sudahakar Manav, Suni B., Swati Bagga, Dr John Chenetra and Yousuf Efti.

With the tag line of Keep Thriving, The Confluence gives the corporate and learning world a broad view of how to create opportunities in these adverse times and how connected  the planet is; now more than ever.

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