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Forest City Malaysia gives priority to Mangrove Conservation


JOHOR BAHRU: Forest City is a smart ecological city developed by the Country Garden Group, covering an area of 30 square kilometers. Although the scale of this project is huge, Forest City Malaysia tries its best to ensure the sustainable development of its surrounding environment.

The Forest City Johor is located in a place surrounded by mangroves.

It is a great challenge to carry out such a large project, as Muhammad Syafiq Abdullah, its senior landscape officer, put it. In addition to protecting existing mangroves and ensuring that they are not affected during construction, they also face the challenge of illegal logging.

It is vital to protect mangroves for that they provide habitats for thousands of species of marine life and migratory birds. What’s more, they also help combat global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If the mangroves along the coast disappear, humans will lose their natural buffer against strong winds and waves.

With this in mind, it is decided that the development plan of Forest City Malaysia must include the protection of mangroves. Syafiq is responsible for the Forest City project. He leads the team of the landscape department to carry out the work of mangrove protection. It includes monitoring the mangrove coastline, collecting seeds, and cultivating their germination in the nursery.

In addition to conservation, Forest City intends to share knowledge through the establishment of ecological museums. By doing this, tourists can learn more about the precious natural resources of Malaysia, as well as the ecosystem of Forest City.

Action to protect mangroves is not only a reflection of corporate social responsibility but also a model for other companies. Forest City is in the process of establishing such an ecological protection center and inviting multinational companies as its partners. Media OutReach

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