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ZorroSign announces major plan to support businesses of all sizes during COVID19


By Rafiq Vayani

DUBAI: ZorroSign Inc, the pioneer of cutting-edge Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management technology, has today announced a major plan to support businesses of all sizes during the uncertainty created by COVID-19. In an unprecedented move, ZorroSign has pledged a free three months subscription to the companies to cope with the crisis.

“As the business world adjusts to a significant increase in remote workforces, ZorroSign is here to help. We are committed to being the type of corporate citizens our employees and families can be proud of. To reinforce business operations of all sizes, security and privacy are the cornerstones of the ZorroSign platform, but trust is the bedrock of this company. Our customers can trust that we will be there to support their business when they need it most,” said Shamsh Hadi, Chief Executive Officer at ZorroSign.”

ZorroSign is a pioneer of real electronic signature, digital signature and patented document fraud and tampering detection system built on Artificial Intelligence and similar innovations.

The current COVID-19 crisis has businesses uncertain of what the future holds. “Without consumer confidence and trust, businesses will not be able to continue operations and compete in the global cyber-economy any more, especially when employees are now working from home. This is where ZorroSign can be a vital component of the stabilization and resiliency of businesses,” said Hadi, and added: “ZorroSign has made extensive use of technology to provide customers with a state-of-the-art electronic signature, digital signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) services. These services boost the efficiency and productivity of remote work teams.”

Every industry can benefit from ZorroSign technology and solutions. For example, industries providing critical services like medical care, education, and government services can use ZorroSign to decrease cycle time when executing business-critical documents. Healthcare organizations can utilize ZorroSign to quickly on-board the influx of retired healthcare workers that will be needed to fight COVID-19 on the front-line. Education institutions can use ZorroSign to administer official testing, as well as administrative functions.

ZorroSign is committed to being at the forefront of support to the business community. “We all need to do our share to help during these trying times,” said Shamsh Hadi. “I am committed to ensuring that ZorroSign will do its part to help companies in need.”

Industries that directly get benefits are government, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, home inspection and legal. Within the preceding industries, ZorroSign solutions compliment accounting and tax, finance, human resources, legal, marketing, procurement and sales.

ZorroSign can be deployed for many different transaction types:  governments can use for human resources processes, administration programs and processes, housing programs and building permit management, architecture and engineering document processing, logistics, procurement processes, public health program administration and cross-agency agreements

Popular uses for ZorroSign technology in other verticals include facilities management firms, agents, brokers, customer agreements, the closing of real estate purchase and loans, property inspection and appraisal processes, rental and lease agreements.

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