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Five of RTA leading practices get UITP acclaim


DUBAI: In the context of developing and managing leading practices, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has delivered an array of global practices that have been acclaimed by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

“RTA has charted out clear structures for leading practices at the local, regional and international levels to ensure that they are on a par with the international competitive indicators. These practices have actually surpassed the international standards of mobility as assessed in field visit and reports compiled by UITP experts,” said Fawziyah Al Watany, Director of Excellence and Leadership, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA. 

“Experts have listed and examined 164 practices and identified 5 top practices, which were exclusively run by RTA in line with UITP’s approved standards. 15 experts have benchmarked those practices with practices in 20 countries and they came on top. They are: Air Taxi, S’hail app, Enterprise Command and Control Centre, Raqeeb system and nol Plus programme,” she noted. 

The Air Taxi is part of Dubai Smart Mobility Strategy to ensure the integration of mass transit means and residents happier. The Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3) links RTA’s control centres and operational agencies with a central control unit connected with all RTA agencies. The centre supports control centres, crises management, incidence management, transport integration, data analysis, compilation of reports and information security management. The central control unit is linked with 34 RTA systems; which are instantly integrated. It has the potential to link with other systems outside RTA and can handle the feed of 10,000 surveillance cameras. It uses artificial intelligence in the management of incidents, crises and crowds. 

Raqeeb is a sophisticated device installed in front of the bus driver. It detects signs of fatigue and exhaustion developed by the driver through indicators that are transmitted to the control room for the immediate action on the case. Another smart system monitors the attitude of the driver in the event of exceeding the speed limit or failing to observe safe driving, reckless use of brakes, sudden swerving, or distracted attention by using the mobile phone while driving among others. Based on the analysis of such information, the RTA central control unit takes immediate actions to ensure the safety of public bus riders. 

S’hail is an app for assisting clients to move around Dubai quickly and easily. It enables the riders to manage their nol accounts, book RTA taxi or limo, book a vehicle on-demand, and plan an intercity journey. Passengers can also review all public transport information and the system automatically saves recurrent search, among other features. 

nol Plus is a programme for the collection of loyalty points by public transport riders. Commuters can make use of points collected in recharging their nol cards for riding various public transport means. They can earn more points whenever they ride public transport means and these points can be turned into a balance they can make use of in their rides or payment for their bills.

RTA is always keen to ensure that its projects are aligned with its vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All as well as its strategic goals: Smart Dubai, People Happiness and Advance RTA. In the process, it sticks to the highest global standards in its operational processes to measure up with Dubai’s standing and the government’s drive.

Sources: https://www.rta.ae/wps/portal/rta/ae/home/news-and-media/all-news/NewsDetails/five-of-rta-leading-practices-get-uitp-acclaim

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