Home Business & Finance Motto of ‘Blooming Lane’ is to enhance the beauty of flowers: Taniya Faheem

Motto of ‘Blooming Lane’ is to enhance the beauty of flowers: Taniya Faheem


I would like to formally introduce myself as Taniya Faheem Rogatia. I belong to memon community and presently I am running my business by the brand name of ‘Blooming lane’ specializing in flowers & its décor.

About ‘Blooming lane’, I would say that; “Blooming Lane is something different, we try to offer lively products to our customers and with that we try to show the beauty of all the colour of flowers. A simple one-liner for blooming lane would be to; “enhancing the beauty of flowers”.

I am an interior designer specializing in flower-arrangements, event-creator, gift-wrapping and a lot more related. Immediately after completing my matriculation (10th grade), I decided to join family business as I was very much interested in creativity and our family business is furniture designing by the name of Dynasty Home Décore.

Initially my father didn’t agree to my decision of joining the family business, but on my insistence he gave me one year to prove my skills then he will allow me to continue or else I would have to go back my studies. As I wasn’t much interested in further formal studies but there were exceptions, anything that was related to my interest I pursued it with full intent.

I joined Aikebana in Japanese consulate and took basic and advance courses and won a first prize too, but event then the journey was not that smooth. My father gave me small portion in his shop. To prove myself I went to shop early in the morning and came home late in the evening. Initially I struggled a lot to run that small portion and tried with my best and full efforts. I took classes in the morning and worked hard day and night to prove myself in one year’s time.

After I felt that I have achieved my target, as my father seemed satisfied with my efforts. I started making my own clientele and they have full confidence and trust in my skills and in my abilities. My father also started trusting in my abilities and finally I was trusted to run my father’s outlet. My dream came true with Dynasty Home Décore.

I started at the age of 16 and gave my ten years to it. At the age of 26 I got married and after that I took a physical-break from the business but I constantly stayed in contact with my clientele. I made sure not to loose contact with my clientele along with giving time to my family, especially to my new family.

Currently due to some bad-decisions somewhere, there exists a gap between me and my work, but the show must go on as I never give up on life and I am still struggling to achieve my goal.

So the moral of my story is;

  • “never give-up”
  • “try and try until you succeed”
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