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Precious Memories launched at Funparay Studio


KARACHI: Precious Memories, the book launch event turned out to be an informative session on never seen before pictures from the vault of personal surgeon (late) Dr. Naseer Sheikh and his very special patient (late) Prime Minister Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The session started off by moderator Sasha Scheherzade who after a brief introduction, narrated the following encapsulating couplets of poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz:

This forms a connection because the first page of the book also begins with this beautiful couplet of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Faiz was not only a poet, but leader of Communist Party of Pakistan, Editor of Pakistan Times, a staunch supporter, and one who shared strong ties with Bhutto. Upon state’s execution of Bhutto, Faiz fled Pakistan to seek asylum in Beirut, Lebanon.

At this point, the name of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’ deems a mention as she not only acknowledged Dr Sheikh’s support in difficult times, (there is a picture of handwritten note by Benazir Bhutto for Dr. Sheikh) but appointed Dr. Sheikh as adviser to Overseas Pakistani’s at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Sheikh also served as Benazir’s personal emissary to different heads of state on matters confidential.

Shazleen Vahidy Iqbal, niece of Dr. Naseer Sheikh joined in as presenter to shed light on the life and times of the Dr. Naseer Sheikh from a diplomat to a simple man.

The host invited Ms. Shaheen Sheikh, sister of Dr. Naseer Sheikh who further highlighted the touching tale as a reminder of times that led to the publication of Precious Memories.

Towards the end, producer and documentary film maker Samina Aslam introduced the audience to Peabody Award winning film, “Bhutto – You Can’t Murder A Legacy” by the American film director Duane Baughman. The film explores the barrier-shattering life of the first woman who led a complex Islamic nation of Pakistan. Baughman’s film on Bhutto also earned EPIC Award from the White House Project for its promotion of women’s rights.

Precious Memories, the pictorial memoir by Dr. Naseer Sheikh contains a treasury of profound moments richly gathered through historical pictures of (late) Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his family. The book “Precious Memories” and the CD “Bhutto – You Can’t Murder A Legacy” can be bought only from Funparay studio.

Sources: https://www.facebook.com/funparaypakistan/

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