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Memon community needs serious leadership: Haji Rafiq Pardesi


By Rafiq Vayani / Kamran Hashim

KARACHI: “I personally feel that we Memons don’t need unity that much, what we really need at this moment is serious leadership. At this moment what I see that our community is running in various directions and our dire need at this moment is to follow straight path, rather than going in various directions. We need to grow-up and mature as a community. Rather than thinking about yourself, your business or within your circle, we should start thinking about contributing towards our neighborhood, our city and our country. This country is everything for us, this country has given us everything that we have today and if this country is safe and secure then we have everything. This country runs, so do we run. If it stops, we also stop. Please start to think about contributing towards this country”. This was stated by Mr. Haji Muhammad Rafiq Pardesi, Chairman HMR Group.

Haji Rafiq Pardesi

He was addressing at launching ceremony of book (souvenir) titled as “enterprising philanthropist & prominent personalities of the community” by Maqsood Memon (Motiwala), which was held at Haji Abdullah Haroon Muslim Gymkhana. This book launch event was widely attended leaders, businessmen, socialites and other members of Memon community.

Haji Rafiq Pardesi

He stressed on the efforts of Memon community and questioned; “why Karachi has that much issues?, despite being a city with most number of Memons residing here. Why aren’t issues and problems being solved here and why isn’t our Memon community contributing much to solve problems of this city?. We see that we have water issues and what not?. Our community has some very smart brains but they are restricting them to their circles, their own communities. These smart brains should contribute in a broader spectrum”.

We are one of the smartest community in Pakistan and I am very sure that we can do wonders for Pakistan. Only missing element in our community is serious leadership. I would humbly request all community members to search for a leader, and I also volunteer to work under any chosen leader”, said the Haji Muhammad Rafiq Pardesi.

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