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Hoga Saaf Pakistan inspires to prioritize cleanliness in Pakistan with Safai Savari


By Mehak Zahra

According to research, Pakistan is the 7th worst country in terms of sanitation and with the passage of time, the cleanliness situation is becoming more worrisome, which initiatives like Hoga Saaf Pakistan are now trying to rectify. Since the monsoon season has started, the roads have become mini lakes of filthy water and tons of garbage. In some areas of Pakistan, this situation has become extremely alarming and lives are at stake because of various diseases. In the midst of this, Dettol’s Hoga Saaf Pakistan campaign focuses on promoting cleanliness and make Pakistan cleaner and greener.

Hoga Saaf Pakistan focuses on educating the people about ways to maintain cleanliness and cleaning the trash. For this reason, they have arranged many events, campaigns, cleanathon and other promotional gatherings to spread the message. Earlier this year, the famous actor, Fahad Mustafa, joined hands with Hoga Saaf Pakistan as their ambassador.

This month, Hoga Saaf Pakistan collaborated with Super Savari Express and arranged a one of a kind cleanathon which promoted cleanliness as well as tourism. Super Savari Express aims to encourage Pakistanis to take pride in their cultural heritage, architecture and promote tourism by arranging city tours, school field trips and customized tours. The #SafaiSavari was held on a Sunday morning where various bloggers and vloggers were invited to participate in this unique event which was hosted by the renowned journalist and TV personality, Waseem Badami.

The bloggers were taken on an interesting tour of Karachi and visited places like the Sindh High Court, the provincial assembly and Qabooter Chowk. With a scrumptious breakfast at Karachi Parsi Institute, the participants were briefed by Dettol about the agenda at hand. After that, they visited Saddar’s oldest Bohri Bazaar and chose a lane to clean it spotless and bring it back to its original state. All the participants donned hats, jackets and gloves and got to work. There were mounds of trash that were picked up and the collection was handed over to an NGO called the Garbage Can for recycling purposes.

By including the local communities, known personalities and bloggers, Hoga Saaf Pakistan is not only promoting cleanliness, but is also changing mindsets as well. It is important to encourage the youth to participate in these cleaning drives so that they understand the significance of creating a cleaner, greener future for themselves.

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