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Sanober Ahmer unveils ‘Mathematics Practice Book’ at Arts Council


KARACHI: Book launch ceremony of seasoned Mathematics Teacher Ms. Sanober Ahmer’s book ‘Mathematics Practice Book (for Cambridge System)’ was held at Ahmed Shah Building, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi on 05th August 2019. Book launch was well attended by celebrities, socialites, educationist, government dignitaries and members of press (including social media, print media & electronic media). 

Chairperson of Sindh Commission on the Status of women Ms. Nuzhat Shirin said; “it’s a matter of immense pride that Sanobar Ahmer is working hard to for improvement in education standard.  I personally think that this book launch is a big achievement and many O-level students will benefit from it”.

Ms Nuzhat Shirin said; “this book launch has reminded me of my kids when they were studying in O-levels and books of O-level weren’t easily available in the market and due to this my kids had to suffer at times”.

She further said; “I was amazed to see this creation of Sanobar Ahmer, and felt a sense of pride that Pakistan has such talent that can create a book for mathematics all on her own. I have given assurance to Sanober Ahmer for any possible help from Sindh Commission on the Status of women and I will try for inclusion of this book in Pakistani syllabus for O-Levels and A-Levels”.

Renowned publisher Mrs. Amina Saiyid said; “Mathematics is an important subject and when a student gets a good book, their interest in reading and learning develops and with that their interest in studies grows which results in better grades”.

Professor Sahar Ansari; “today’s youngsters are fleeing from reading and learning from books as they are more inclined towards their cell-phones which not a positive sign at all. But even in this situation people like Sanober Ahmer are there as a beacon of light, her book on mathematics will be beneficial for kids studying Cambridge’s syllabus. People associated with Cambridge System should try for inclusion of this book in Cambridge Schools”.

Author of the book ‘Mathematics Practice Book (for Cambridge System)’ Ms. Sanober Ahmer also spoke on this occasion and said; “writing a book and compiling it is a very hard task and I know of people who are more capable then me and have more qualifications than on ones that I have, but I would like to thank ALLAH for choosing me this difficult task of authoring a book on mathematics and shining bright for Pakistan name all around the world. My career as an author started during 2006 and at that time I had no idea of the immense appreciation that I would be getting. When my first book was published I got a of appreciation from all around which gave me confidence to do more books”.

Sharing finer details of the book, Ms. Sanober Ahmer said; “this book covers the whole syllabus of O-level mathematics starting from Grade 6 to Grade 11 and also I have written/compiled a series of mathematics books for Cambridge System, out of which the first book was published almost four years ago by Paramount Books and has been successfully added amongst the educational entities.”

Ms. Sanober Ahmer further said; “for this book launch event I would like to thank Mr. Ahmed Shah President Arts Council of Pakistan, Syed Asjad Bukhari member of governing body & Chairman Member Liaison Committee and Mr. Nadeem Zaffar Executive Director for make things possible and as smooth as possible”.

Well known artist Ali Hasan, Noman Khan, journalist Nusrat Haris, Ahmed Saya, Ahmer, Ahsan Surat Wala, Waseem Taj and Adeel Jatoi also spoke on this occasion.

On concluding session Ms. Sanober Ahmer presented her book to Professor Sahar Ansari which was followed by shield presentations to Professor Sahar Ansari and Amina Saiyid. News Desk

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