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Revamp your home into a smart ‘home-office space’ inspired by Western Furniture


DUBAI: Home-office trend is catching up where millennials prioritize flexibility over anything. Top-notch furniture retailer, Western Furniture understands the mentality of millennials and caters to their distinctive needs. One does not need to invest in the typical office furniture to setup their home-office, instead they can choose from an assortment of everyday essentials to create a workspace within their home. Home-office creates an environment that helps millennials to focus more, as they believe, in a relaxed environment and simultaneously dedicating time to their home needs.

Western Furniture is the sole distributor of Spanish, Italian and German furniture brands such as Adriani e Rossi, Bonaldo, Calligaris, Draenert, Flou, Gamma International, Kristalia, Miniforms, Natuzzi Italia, Reflex Angelo, Tomasella, Zanette and Tonin Casa.

Ms. Gayatri Dongre, Senior General Manager at Western Furniture advises millennials to follow these simple yet elegant steps to revamp their home into a home-office:

  1. Choose a brightly lit space – Light is essential, so choose a brightly lit place. You can choose from Western Furniture’s’ wide lighting options like Bulles, Colosseo lamp, Gong Mini, Luppo ceiling lamp, Ergo pendant or floor lamp, Dami lamps, Onda Table lamps, Arroba chandelier and several more, which not only lit’s up the place but also adds a dramatic aura to your workspace.
  2. Seating space – You are your own boss at home-office so you have the freedom to choose where you want to place your den. You can choose from our versatile couch or armchair options paired with a coffee table, that will help you work and relax at the same time. Swish sofa and chair options like La Scala, Cava, Saddle, Coral, Campus, Colosseo, Philo, Long beach, Tiffany B chair, Wafer and many more; are sure to glam up your home cum home-office aesthetics.
  3. The pliant use of desk table – Some millennials cherish working with plans and charts spread across the table that helps them to have a broader outlook. We offer a wide selection of desk table options such as Phantom, Omega, Logos, Layer, Biblo that can be paired with arm chairs turning into a chic home office.
  4. Declutter with Wall Units – Your need to store and organize files is sorted. Wall Units like Proxima, Inbox, Tetris, Comp and Novecento Elements helps you to keep everything at arms-reach. This is a clever-storage option where you can clutter and declutter as you like, without creating a post work mess. PR
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