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Arts Council organises seminar on increasing suicide rate among youngsters due to depression


KARACHI: Arts Council of Pakistan’s medical and social welfare committee organized a seminar on increasing suicide rate among youngsters due to depression. Many notable personalities from medical and religious fields discussed different aspects of suicide in the seminar.

Chairman medical and social welfare committee of Arts Council of Pakistan Dr. Qaiser Sajjad said that Suicide is a very important and sensitive topic which needs to be discussed in seminars, We need to aware our youth about suicide and tell them how heinous crime suicide is, We would love to organize more seminars on this topic.

Famous Dramatist and Novelist Noorul Huda Shah shared her views about this topic and said that one of the main reason of this increasing rate of suicide is that people don’t give time to each other, they are not available to each other unconditionally we don’t have undivided attention for anyone. Dr.Mehmood Amin Rehman briefly told different statistics about suicide. He said that according to reports every 40 seconds someone commits suicide in the world. Since the beginning of 21st century the suicide rate is increasing in whole world including Pakistan.  He further added that in Pakistan, males are more successful at suicide and the ratio of committing suicide is lot higher among females. 

A prominent Psychiatrist from Liaquat National Hospital Dr. Afhsan Channa said that mental illness is very serious and important matter and this needs to discussed and cured otherwise it can lead towards severe outcomes.  Famous religious scholar Dr.Mohsin Naqvi said that the main reason behind the rise in suicide rate is that we are not providing basic Islamic teachings to our youngsters. Supreme Court Advocate Nasir Rizwan Khan briefed about suicide according to law and said that suicide has very narrow scope in law, it only has one section which was made in 1860 which shows that our state has never felt importance of working on such serious issue. Panel discussion was also conducted at the end of the seminar, all the speakers discussed about different aspects of this topics and also answered questions of the audience. Says in press release

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