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Digital of Things makes a splash at the Gulf CX Awards


DUBAI: : Digital of Things (DOT) has won the prestigious Digital Agency award at Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2018.

The winners of the Gulf Customer Experience Awards were announced at the Conrad Dubai Hotel on 22nd January 2019 where the Finals and Awards Ceremony took place.

The awards are designed to recognise best practice in delivering outstanding customer experience in the Gulf and it provides companies with opportunities to showcase and gain recognition for their hard work.

“The Gulf CX awards is an important event for the region, says Sudipt Shah, Digital of Things Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. In today’s world of technology advancement, decreasing patience and customer loyalty, and increased competition, customer experience is a key success factor. Celebrating successes in CX not only recognises the hard work from everyone willing to go above and beyond, but also inspires and motivates others to deliver exceptional experiences. Digital of Things is proud to have won the Best Digital agency award. Our journey has only just begun and we’re on a mission to improve CX in the region.”

As consumers continue to demand more seamless and hassle-free experiences across channels, Digital of Things, a Dubai-based company, is bringing the future of customer experience to businesses in United Arab Emirates.

DOT offers the most state-of-the-art technology and is the only testing lab of its kind in the region. DOT’s purpose-built usability lab uses individual testers from across multiple demographics to test, review, and provide feedback on a variety of key success factors for clients.

Companies can gather critical consumer feedback on their website, app, product prototypes, and advertising campaigns. Digital of Things also provides field testing to assess in-store and on-site experiences, including signage, merchandising and way finding.

Independent and objective, DOT’s digital and User Experience (UX) experts are solely focused on UX in the UAE. Instead of gathering customer feedback from customers in other regions and trying to apply that intelligence to UAE consumers, now businesses can tap into customers through DOT’s local lens, which understands cultural differences and different customer intents in the region.

Featuring a comfortable, living room type setting to put testers at ease, DOT’s purpose-built usability lab offers complete programs for clients. Businesses can also rent the lab to conduct their own focus groups and studies. And, capturing critical consumer data isn’t limited to the on-site facilities. Portable labs including tools such as wireless glasses for eye tracking enable field studies to assess a number of experiences that can’t be replicated in the lab.

Utilising the most advanced tools, DOT’s eye tracking software follows a participant’s gaze on screen (and off) in real time, providing insight into how people look at websites, mobile device and even point of sale material.

DOT’s facial expression tracking helps determine when a user is happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared and even disgusted, while engaging with a brand. By using 500 key data points, special software automatically classifies mouth open-closed, eyes open-shut, eyebrows raised-neutral-lowered, head orientation, and gaze direction across all ages.

DOT gathers both quantitative data from facial expressions and eye tracking and qualitative data from video and audio during interviews with real customers. DOT’s team of usability experts compiles the data to deliver meaningful recommendations and insights to their clients.

The region is ripe for this next generation of UX testing, says Brooke Cowling, Digital of Things’ Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, “The Middle East is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and there are multiple options for almost every product and service available,” she explains. “As businesses mature and consumer demands shift, if you lose focus on the needs of your consumer, you will lose sales and fall behind your competition.” Says in press release

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