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Thai Airways announces operating results for the third quarter of 2018


BANGKOK: Thai Airways International Public Company Limited announced its third quarter 2008 operating results. The Company and its subsidiaries recorded total revenues of Baht 47,953 million, an increase of 2.2% from the same period of last year. The net loss was 3,686 million baht, partly due to the impact of natural disasters in Japan. And the number of Chinese tourists decreased. In addition, world oil prices have risen more than 40%, resulting in higher operating costs.

. The progress of the operation is as follows.

• Two Boeing 737-400 aircraft have been discharged. And its subsidiaries There were 103 aircraft operating as of 30 September 2018, increasing by 4 aircraft from the same quarter of last year.
• The rate of exploitation of aircraft (Aircraft Utilization) equal to 12.1 hours is equal to the same period of the previous year
• Production volume passenger (ASK) increased 2.0% in passenger traffic (RPK) increased by 1.0%
• The ratios. Cabin Factor averaged 77.5%, lower than the previous year’s average of 78.2%.
• Total passenger traffic was 6.0 million, close to the previous year.

Meanwhile, the Company’s performance And its subsidiaries Total operating income was Baht 47,953 million. Total revenue increased by Baht 1,025 million or 2.2%. The details are as follows:

• Revenue from fare And excess weight increase of 304 million baht, an increase of 0.8% from the volume of transport is increasing
• Revenue from freight transport. And postage increased by Baht 561 million or 10.9%
• Revenue from other services increased by Baht 360 million or 12.3%.

However, the third quarter was the low season. The competition in the aviation industry continues. In addition, world oil prices rose higher than the first half. As a result, travel demand has decreased and cost increases.

The impact of natural disasters in September 2018, including Typhoon Sabie Blow to the shore of Japan. As a result, Kansai Airport was damaged. Runway flooded. And to temporarily close the service. Earthquake on Hokkaido And typhoon mangosteen blowing into the land of Hong Kong, the company has to cancel a number of flights. Compared with the decline of Chinese tourists. Moreover, in this quarter, the company had higher expenses than the increase in revenue, with the total expenses increased by Baht 5,259 million or 11.3% from the same quarter of last year. Baht or up 29.4% from an average increase of 41.0% in oil prices and operating expenses. Excluding oil, the cost increased by Baht 1,862 million or 5%. 5%, mainly due to aircraft repair and maintenance costs. The Company incurred a one-time incurred loss on impairment of assets and aircraft of Baht 371 million, but a gain on foreign exchange of Baht 299 million. This is an accounting valuation. As a result, the Company The Company and its subsidiaries’ net loss for the year was Baht 3,686 million, a decrease of Baht 1,872 million from the net loss of Baht 3,701 million or Baht 1.70 per share, a decrease of Baht 0.86

As at 30 September 2018, the Company and its subsidiaries Total liabilities amounted to Baht 249,219 million, an increase of Baht 457 million (0.2%) from Dec 31, 2017, Shareholders’ equity was Baht 28,388 million, a decrease of Baht 3,625 million or 11.3% from December 31, 2017, partly due to the loss from the operation of the Company. And its subsidiaries In the first nine months of this year,

however, the company continues to implement its corporate rehabilitation plan. It continues to focus on generating more revenue. And extra income. There are also ongoing cost control measures. News Desk

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