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WWF-Pakistan organises 2-day nature photography exhibition at Alliance Francaise


By Rafiq Vayani

KARACHI: WWF-Pakistan organized 2-day nature photography exhibition at Alliance Francaise that showcased the rich biodiversity through 62 works of professional wildlife photographers. The collection of stunning photographs on display were taken by dedicated nature photographers over a span of many years, who spent countless hours and travelled long distances to capture the bewildering array of wildlife and mesmerising scenery. The photographs spoke about the wealth of biodiversity and nature in its true magnificence. The exhibition was attended by a large number of citizens including photography enthusiasts and nature lovers.

It is believed that photographing wildlife brings people closer to nature where they can see it in varied forms and hues. The work of photographers featured in the exhibition provided a dynamic connection between people and nature. Some photographers captured spectacular and never-before-seen images of wildlife and natural landscapes in Pakistan. The photographs showcased mainly snow leopards, but also included other animals – such as flamingos, markhor, humpback dolphin and brown bears. Several photographs also highlighted the landscape of areas such as Shandur, the Diamer and Astola Island.

Present on the occasion, Hamera Aisha, Manager Wildlife, WWF-Pakistan said that she was delighted to share that wildlife photography is increasing in popularity these days. With smart phones and digital cameras, people enjoy capturing wildlife and beautiful landscapes. She also highlighted the importance of photography as a medium in changing the general public’s perception towards nature conservation and in making them more aware, encouraging them to take action for the protection of the environment. She elaborated that these photographs are not just mere ornaments but show the commitment of WWF-Pakistan in working closely with communities to conserve and preserve Pakistan’s unique ecosystems. ‘These beautifully captured moments will help you see the bounties of nature with new eyes.’ She added that we must not forget the difficult conditions in which dedicated wildlife photographers operate such as spending hours in freezing cold conditions, or camouflaged behind bushes to capture just the right moment, paying tribute to Zahoor Salmi, wildlife photographer who recently lost his life while on a photography assignment.

Muhammad Qasim, Regional Head Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising, WWF-Pakistan shared that this country is rich in unique landscapes and is home to some of the rare wildlife and plants in the world. Events such as this photo exhibition provide inspiration to the people of Pakistan to help protect wildlife and critical ecosystems. ‘These photographs show us how exciting and amazing the natural world is, hence it is our shared responsibility to take care of it. We need to rethink our relationship with nature that proves to be vital to inspire individuals to double their efforts in protecting the environment’, he added

Anoushay Ashraf, TV host and Goodwill Ambassador for WWF-Pakistan also attended the event.  She was of the view that funds generated through this campaign will be used for conservation of conservation of wildlife and addressing issues such as habitat degradation and human-wildlife conflict.

The fundraising exhibition provided an extraordinary opportunity for nature lovers to see and purchase photographs that were rarely displayed in public before. All proceeds from the exhibition will be used for conservation initiatives in Pakistan.

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