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Arts Council of Pakistan hosts 25th death anniversary session of people’s poet Habib Jalib


KARACHI: In the memory of 25th death anniversary of people’s poet, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hosted a session to honor the revolutionary poet Habib Jalib on Monday 30th April. Session was chaired by justice retired Rasheed. A. Rizvi. The minister of Maritime Affairs Mir Hasil Khan Bazinjo was the special guest for the occasion where many renown personalities like Muslim Shamim, Nasir Jalib, Dr. Jabbar Khatak, Faisal Edhi, Sajjad Zaheer, Ghulam Akbar, Ramzan Memon, Nasir Mansoor, Umar Baloch, Aqeel Abbas Jaffri, Sheikh Majeed and Karamat Ali were there to pay their tribute to the revolutionary one. Due to the magnificent struggles and efforts for restoration of democracy, comrade Jam Saqi was awarded with the Habib Jalib peace award 2018 later that evening.

Acknowledging the struggles of Jalib, Mr. Bizenjo said that people like Jalib don’t need any kind of admiration or appreciation. These kinds of people make themselves a part of history. He always loved the masses and the hard-working labor and always took stand for them. He further said that today’s Jalib is much more powerful than the Jalib of past. Today, many famous personalities are hiding themselves behind Jalib’s notes. He also said that Jalib wasn’t only a revolutionary poet, he was a true revolutionist.

Sharing his views on the life of Habib Jalib, Nasir Jalib, the elder son of Habib Jalib, said Mr. Jalib used to say that I am the man of masses. My life and death is among my people. He also said that Jalib stood like Iron wall against the dictators and faced every one of them. He further talked about struggles of comrade Jam Saqi, the nominee for the Habib Jalib peace award 2018, that Saqi himself is a huge name in our history and perhaps it is impossible that people like him will ever found again.

During the session, Justice Rasheed A. Rizvi and Mir Bizinjo awarded comrade Jam Saqi with Habib Jalib peace award 2018 received by Sajjad Zaheer, son of Jam Saqi.

Afterwards the other participants of session also shared their thoughts regarding the life and hardship of Habib Jalib. Muslim Shamim said that Jalib promoted the human friendly environment with the works of his revolutionary poetry. He further admired the continuation of Habib Jalib peace award and hoped that it will be continued.

Head for the session justice retired Rasheed A. Rizvi also enlightened the struggles of Jalib and Saqi saying that their sacrifices are nonpareil. Faisal Edhi, son of Abdul Sattar Edhi, said that Habib Jalib lives in our hearts. Today, we truly miss Habib Jalib because today, no one raise the voice against the violence like the man did. He also read few of Jalib’s notes and paid his tributes. All the other participants also shared their views and acknowledged the works of Habib Jalib and peace award nominee Jam Saqi and showed their respect for their struggles.

Habib Jalib peace award is being held every year since 2007 where the personalities like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Ruth Pfao, Aitzaz Ahsan and many other renowned personalities have been awarded due to their unprecedented works for society and humanity. News Desk

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