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I would want to see each and every child of Okahi Memon well versed with education: Abdul Aziz Kath


Last week team BizToday had the privilege to meet in person one of the leading patron of the Okhai Memon Youth Services (OMYS) Haji Abdul Aziz Abdul Karim Kath at his residence. Meeting time was decided after 9 pm, where we had gathered to request him to share his experience and wisdom.

Haji Abdul Aziz Abdul Karim Kath is a very sophisticated person which can be seen with his surrounding and he is no ordinary man as he has dedicated his life to arrange best possible education for his community, not just his entire life he has also pledged his future to make sure that each and every member of Okhai Memon community get best possible education.

Abdul Aziz Kath said; “I would want to see each and every child of my community well versed with education, initially we focused only on education till school level, but now I feel that it’s about time that we should focus on professional education and skilled enhancements”.

He further said that; “Okhai Memon Youth Services had recently started course for parents, where they will be guided how to prepare their children step by step to latest international educational trends”.

He gave reference from Quran and Hadees that; “each member of any community has rights on every other members of community and with that he will fulfil his vision to see 100% literacy in Okhai Memon community”.

On reply to question about his early life Haji Abdul Aziz Kath said; “I was born with a golden spoon, in one of the leading industrialist family of our community, but after some unfortunate events I had to face hardships during 1978 to 1985. That had life made me realize that everything belongs to ALLAH, and we should spend more and more toward’s ALLAH’s way. After long and hard struggle I succeeded in establishing my business in Singapore and then in United Arab Emirates. Even today I take advice from my father and try to act as per advice”.

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