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Dukaan4All unveils top brands at inaugural meet-up of Queens; The Beauty-Blog & The Beauty-Meet


By Kamran Hashim / Rafiq Vayani

Dukaan4All’ is a recent addition to our long list of online stores and what makes ‘Dukaan4All’ any different from already available, well established and reputed online stores was explained by Mr and Mrs Shoaib Shaukat, the duo behind this newly established online store Dukaan4All.

The team ‘Dukaan4All’ was present at the inaugural meet-up of Queens; The Beauty-Blog & The Beauty-Meet as sponsors and as participants. Mr. Shoaib Shaukat was kind enough to inform about his latest venture ‘Dukaan4All’ and also gave us reply to our queries.

Biz Today: How long have been in this business?

Dukaan4All: We are a new in this business, hardly 6 months to be exact, but before venturing into online business I had a fair idea about online business, due to the fact we have in publishing business for quite some time and that gave me fair bit of idea about starting an online business.

Biz Today: What is Dukaan4All’s dealing into mostly?

Dukaan4All: Dukaan4All is focusing mostly cosmetics (top brands from USA), jewellery (branded artificial), watches and kitchen appliance of leading brands.

Biz Today: How is Dukaan4All different from already available options for online stores?

Dukaan4All: We at Dukaan4All try to offer best brands of cosmetics (from USA preferably) and for kitchen appliances we offer reputed and well knowns brands only. For jewellery and watches we do not offer high-up brands, we prefer to offer low products.

Biz Today: What are your preferred brands for Dukaan4All?

Dukaan4All: For cosmetics we offer Urban Decay, Sephora, Cocoa, Morphe The Jaclyn Hill, Anatasia, Tarte, Mac, Oriflame Sweden, Estee Lauder, ColourPop to name a few. For watches Fossil, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Hublot, Casio and Michael Kors.

Biz Today: How do you promote Dukaan4All?

Dukaan4All: We participate in various exhibitions and we also promote on social media as most of our clients come via Facebook. We also promote our store via print media.

Biz Today: What is you most in-demand item?

Dukaan4All: Cosmetics is our most popular and in-demand item, every-day we a lot enquires for different type of cosmetics and due to this reason we are now focusing more and more cosmetics. We are focusing on beauty salons as they more consume cosmetic goods in lesser time.

Biz Today: As Dukaan4All is an online shopping store, where do you get most enquires from?

Dukaan4All: Most of the enquiries that we get are from Pakistan. Major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan top this list.

Biz Today: How do you counter fake products?

Dukaan4All: We Buy all products from there brand store so there is no chance of fake products never the less for our appease our concerns check each and every products thoroughly by there barcode and by email then we arrange deliveries to our clients. We try our best not to compromise on quality and on quantity. To make it more effective our delivery times are enhanced.

Biz Today: What are your preferred mode of payments?

Dukaan4All: We are very flexible with payment options and a customer can chose from paying  through easy paisa, bank transfer and cash on delivery  but in future will enable credit card facilities for our valuable customers.

Biz Today: How do you handle complains?

Dukaan4All: Initially we try our best to deliver finest quality goods and ordered quantity by best available courier services and even-then if any complain arises regarding quality we try to sort it out on priority basis, on damages we send-in replacement immediately. If customer is not satisfied then we have a 100% return policy.

Biz Today: Does Dukaan4All have any ware-housing facility?

Dukaan4All: Yes we have a sister concern warehouse office  in Delaware, USA and here in Karachi, Pakistan.

Biz Today: What is if your preferred choice of courier services?

Dukaan4All: For Pakistan our preferred courier services is Blue Ex and for international deliveries we prefer DHL and FedEx.

Biz Today: Please tell about Dukaan4All’s participation in this event Queens; The Beauty-Blog & The Beauty-Meet?

Dukaan4All: Dukaan4All has sponsored this event and we are giving free giveaways to all participants of this event. We have also arranged a question answer session where the winner gets away with a beauty Palettes. We feel this event as an excellent platform to promote our products.

Biz Today: Can you please elaborate future plans for Dukaan4All?

Dukaan4All: Our future plan includes addition of complete range of Clothings (Mens, Womens & Kids) Electronics, Leather goods, Kids collection, Toys, Smartphones and many more.We have also planned to open an outlet store with pickup point in 4 big cities of Pakistan. “DUKAAN4ALL WE DEALS ON BRANDS”

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