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Basit Mundia hosts Farewell Reception for Steve Crossman Head of Mission at British Deputy High Commission


By Rafiq Vayani

KARACHI: Abdul Basit MI Mundia commonly known as Basit Mundia a very well-known socialite and very dynamic karachite hosted dinner at his residence yesterday for Mr. Steve Crossman Head of Mission at British Deputy High Commission Karachi. Basit Mundia is the Director at Mundia Group and is also the President Rotary Club of Karachi South.

Basit Mundia welcomed all the guest at the reception in honour Mr. Steve Crossman and bid him farewell to him and said; “as you all know, this humble dinner is for the farewell of Mr. Steve Crossman who will soon be leaving us. He has been an integral part of the relationship between the two countries. More than the government of any country, it is the diplomats you are the main ambassadors binding the citizens of friendly nations and who have always managed to have such amazing relationships with the citizens of Pakistan in Karachi as well as in Islamabad”.

Basit Mundia further said; “Steve is someone who is always accessible and who is always looking out to enrich the community. He has been instrumental in bringing rugby into Karachi and being the only one training children in this sport, and now with the help and support of British High Commission and the Sindh Government, the Mundia group is working to bring the sport of Rugby to the rest of the city and we could not have managed this feat without the help of Steve”.

He further said; “very recently she became a part of Karachi’s diplomatic and business community but in a short span of time she has managed to make her presence felt to all, she is dedicated to her job and committed to improve business relations between Pakistan and UK. She has managed to Pakistan for a while even though she was committed somewhere else as well”

Diplomats of various countries, Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah, Mundia Group Chairman Ilyas Mundia, CEO Junaid Mundia, Abdul Hameed Aslam, Malik Irfan Bostan, Rizwan Adhia, M Arif Balgamwala, Abdullah Feroz, Zahid Hasan Ansari, Samir Mir Shaikh, Abdul Wahab Shaikh, Farrukh Chawla, Ather Iqbal, Altaf Dagha, Shahid Ismail, Ali Raza Sipra, Sufyan Anis Ozri, Tariq Mughal, Shahzad Miannoor, Zubair Baweja, Ozair A. Essani, Fahd Zaidi, Farukh Mazhar, Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui, Farhan Hanif, Shahzad Mobin, Saleem Patel, Dr. Col. Nadeem Akhtar, Humayun Khan, Asif Nisar, Akram Wali Muhammad, Nadir Nabil Khan Gabol, Khawaja Bilal, Seth Abdul Hafeez Memon, Jawaid Haider, Jawad Amin Khan, Syed Turab Shah, Habibullah Siddiqui,  Navaid Khan, Gulzar Firoz, Faisal Fatani, Iqbal Shekhani, Jabbar Dalal, Asad Fecto, Abdul Jabbar Motiwala, Mohammad Hassaan and Malik Ahmad Jalal also present at the occasion.

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