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10th international Urdu conference by Arts Council of Pakistan opens


KARACHI: The inaugural ceremony of 10th international Urdu conference held at Karachi Arts Council on Thursday, 21 December, 2017. The number of people attended the inauguration ceremony of the conference including the famous writers and literary people around the globe. A short video documentary is shown on the 10 successful years of Urdu Conference which includes all aspect of art and literature presented by Arts Council in these 10 years.

The welcome speech is given by Syed Ahmed Shah President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. He said that it has been ten years we are gathering here for a mission where we are contributing to our literary culture and peace among the nations. We faced a hard time when fundamentalist and terrorist were trying to born this country and we were sitting in the Arts Council. It was really hard time for us and today we are successfully opening the 10th international Urdu conference at Karachi it is a gift from the people of Karachi and Arts Council to Pakistan. Ahmed Shah said that it has been seventy years and we couldn’t gain anything by these seventy years instead we have lost it. We are dedicating this conference to the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah which is the reason we extended this conference from four days to five days.

After the welcome Speech, two articles on the Urdu presented by Shamim Hanfi from India and Mubin Mirza. Pirzada Qasim, Zia MuhaiUd Din, Raza Ali Aabdi, Zahida Hina, Heoji Kataka, Shamim Hanafi, Zahra Nigah, Shamim Hanafi from India, Kishwar Naheed, Iftikhar Arif, Arif Naqvi, Nayeem Tahir, Asad Ahmed Khan, Qazi Afzal Hussain, Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim, Amjad Islam Amjad, and Syed Sardar Shah cultural minister of Sindh chaired the first session of the conference.

Literature is the lifeline and it is covering all the aspects of human being life whether it is art, culture, tradition, politics, ethics, religion and science said by Mubeen Mirza in his article reading. Today literature is more important than it was ever for the social, cultural, ethnic and even for the scientific development. It is a time when robots are replacing human being and in few years they will be an essential part of human beings life he further included. He also enlightens the philosophical aspect of human being life in all sectors and how it is affecting our history.

Shamim Hanafi is a prominent writer and critic comes to attend the conference from India. He distinguishes the progressive movement before the partition and freedom and analyzes the post freedom aspect of literature and its impact on the culture. He also discusses the wisdom the Faiz, Jalib and other distinguished writers of the past. When we read a book or magazine in India came from Pakistan we take it as a piece of literature not as it is created by any Pakistani or Indian.

Peerzada Qasim said the conference is the real reflectivity of Ahmed Shah’s and his team’s consistency, he congratulates Ahmed Shah and his team for the 10th successful event. Kishwar Naheed said it is the duty of writers and art personalities to stand against the fundamentalism and terrorism in the country. Naheem Tahir and Arif Shah said that they are happy to see the youngsters in the conference, they praised Ahmed shah and his team for the successful gathering of youngsters in the conference. Heroji Kataoka comes from Japan to attend the conference his is translating Urdu literature in the Japanese language and have been translated Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Manet’s and many other distinguished writers in their language. He said that he is also happy to see the youngsters and being a part of the conference. We should spread love and harmony among the nations that are what literature really teach us.

Qazi Afzal Hussain, Zahida Hina, Yasmeen Tahir, Amjad Islam Amjad, Asad Muhammad Khan, Ameena Syed, Masood Akhtar, Shamim Hanafi, Raza Ali Aabdi, Iftikhar Arif and Zahrah Nigah congratulated the Ahmed Shah president arts council of Pakistan and his team for managing and successfully convening of the International Urdu conference 10th time at arts council of Pakistan.

Syed Sardar Shah cultural minister of Sindh said in his welcome speech that politics broke the subcontinent into two parts where Urdu is connecting all of us. Literature teaches us how to live in peace, harmony, and coexistence and we have a rich history of peace and harmony, our ancestors were the most peaceful people and we are the decedent of one of the four ancient civilizations of the world and that was unknown to war and living peacefully. If politics is dividing us it is literature and Urdu which is knotting us into one piece he added further. News Desk

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