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Karachi needs more high rises – Muhammad Shoaib Khan



By Kamran Hashim / Rafiq Vayani

Muhammad Shoaib Khan Managing Director of Converge Engineering Services was speaking to Biz Today and was very optimistic about the steady growth of ‘construction Industry’ sector in Pakistan especially its business hub Karachi.

Talking about latest innovations that are being brought into construction industry by his company ‘Converge Engineering Services’ Shoaib Khan said; “Post–tension system or more commonly known as PT system is the new buzz word in Karachi’s high-rise construction industry sector.

Although PT system is not new as it has been used in constructions of bridges for ages, but it’s something very new and unique for buildings, factories, hospitals etc. And, our company Converge Engineering is at the pioneering end. Basically, our PT system designing services are collaborated with our Mother company, Sterling Group of Companies USA ”.

When asked what is so special about PT system and why should someone use it instead of conventional RCC system, Shoaib Khan said “PT gives you savings upto 15 -20 % against conventional RCC system, its saves your time upto 50%. PT cable is made of high carbon low relaxation steel, internal greasing with PVC coating, tested on 270 ksi. PT system is time saving technology as it requires only 7 days against 14 days to remove form work”.

On asking what other services do they have in offer, he replied “Besides PT system our company Converge Engineering Services offers Value Engineering, BMS (Building Maintenance Systems) and CDS (Composite Deck Systems). All these are modern state of art technologies which we aim to bring into Pakistan’s Industry and these will definitely improve conventional set standards”.

Replying to a question on high rise buildings, Mr. Shoaib Khan said “High Rise buildings is the only feasible option for Karachi’s housing needs, as they are secure and affordable and we are already 1.2 million houses short to offer. Apart from housing needs high rise buildings can also accommodate office blocks, hospitality sector etc. Beautiful sky-lines/sky- scrappers define the landscape of any mega metropolis and here in Karachi, this is exactly what we are missing”.

Speaking on the current scenario Shoaib Khan informed that “there are almost 110 allied industries that work and strive along with construction industry and a lot has changed for betterment in recent past. Now Pakistani investors from Dubai, US and all from all over the world have started investing in Pakistan. Their faith shows how they are determined to secure future of Pakistan construction industry”.

On the concluding note Mr. Shoaib Khan stressed that; “Future of Karachi is with high rises only”.

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