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RTA launches ‘Young Leader Day’ initiative to enhance capabilities of Emirati employees


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DUBAI: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unleashed the Young Leader Day initiative as part of initiatives developed by the recently inaugurated RTA Youth Council in support of young male & female employees. The move is in line with the UAE’s drive to empower youth and polish their experience through offering them direct exposure to their leaders.

Ms Kawther Kazim, Executive Director of RTA’s Human Resources and Development said: “The Young Leader Day event is part of several initiatives endorsed to enhance the leadership skills of prospective leaders through direct shadowing with directors at various RTA’s sectors and agencies. The objective of this initiative, which falls under the realm of RTA Youth Council, is to refine the leadership skills of youth and groom them for taking leading positions.

“The Young Leader Day event takes about two months during which each member of the Youth Council would live the daily experience of each Director in the agency or sector to which the concerned employee is affiliated. The process would offer the young leader exposure to the management of the daily tasks of the Director, decision-taking, sorting administrative issues and other leadership matters. The cumulative experience gathered would enable the employee to take potential leadership positions in future depending on the decision-making abilities developed,” explained Kazim.

“RTA Youth Council is made of eight Emirati members amongst RTA’s employees representing various sectors and agencies. The Council aims to leverage the administrative and leadership skills of members, develop programmes for honing the skills, encourage innovation, and empower members to cope with challenges and shape the future,” added the Executive Director of Human Resources and Development.

It is noteworthy that Emiratization in RTA’s has reached 96% in senior leadership, and 83% in intermediate leadership positions. Emirati youths aged 20 to 30 currently constitute 75% of the total youths employed by RTA.

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