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Capri Cinema, A lost jewel in the midst traffic congestion & pollution



KARACHI: As part of the Vasl Rooftop Talks Series, Vasl Artists’ Association hosted Canadian artist Althea Thauberger, who is visiting Karachi for a project based upon Capri Cinema as part of the Karachi Biennale 2017.

Althea Thauberger will be speaking about her research alongside curator and art critic, Zarmeene Shah, followed by a discussion on the upcoming Karachi Biennale 2017 (KB17) project based upon Capri Cinema which Althea Thauberger has conceptualized with her collaborators Ammad Tahir, Momin Zafar, Vajdaan Shah and Zehra Nawab.

Althea Thauberger spoke highly about one the best single screen cinema in Karachi i.e. Capri Cinema followed by Zarmeene Shah and collaborators Ammad Tahir, Momin Zafar, Vajdaan Shah and Zehra Nawab who all shared their fond memories of Capri Cinema.

Last person to take centre stage and speak about Capri Cinema was Chaudary Farrukh Rauf, Director of Capri Cinema who has been in-charge of affairs for few years now.

Speaking about Capri Cinema he said; “Capri has a seating capacity of 820 which are divided into three classes, which allows us to cater to all income groups. Lower deck consisting of two classes known as front class which will cost a cine-goer only 200, whereas medium class will cost 300 and I usually recommend this class for best viewing. Thirdly we have gallery on upper deck will costs 400.

He further added that: “not only it’s the largest in Karachi, but it also has the best sound quality and best picture quality and having opening 1968, Capri Cinema as nearly half a century’s worth of glamorous history during which it has been synonymous with high quality films, all-encompassing sound, and enchanting picture quality; all housed in a comfortable, friendly and inviting family environment facilitated by ample parking space. Due to all this we are now rated as one of the best-maintained ‘Single Screen General Audience Cinema’ in Pakistan”.

He went on to say that: “few years back our clienteles were mostly males but now this trend is changing and now females also come in numbers. Pretty recently we had renovated rest-rooms in the upper deck which are now as good as any that you will see in any five star hotel and are plans are to upgrade/renovate rest-rooms in the lower deck also”.

Chaudary Farrukh Rauf said that; “all top directors, producers, actors, distributors come to Capri Cinema to see where their film stands among the masses and the rowdy & noisy crowd gives them an idea where their film stands. Vice versa same is the case with the audience who come to Capri Cinema to see, feel and experience a movie on the biggest screen, with best sound, best picture quality and also one of the most economical one in the city.”

So the conclusion would be that; if you haven’t watched a movie in Capri Cinema then you are missing something, so if you really want to experience a movie go and watch it a Capri Cinema, it will be an experience that you will never forget.

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