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Blue Ocean Global Group expands Master Distribution footprint across 40 countries


DUBAI: Blue Ocean Global Group, a Dubai-based diversified business group that represents some of the world’s best-performing telecom and consumer electronics brands and has witnessed more than 20 percent growth year-on-year since its inception in 2013.

In a short span of time Blue Ocean Global has partnered with leading multinational brands Gigaset, NEC, Motorola, Htek, SKROSS, Black and Decker and many more. The Group has an impressive market footprint not only in GCC and Middle East region but extends into Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The company distributes Telecom and consumer electronics goods through a network of distributors and system integration partners in nearly 40 countries. In UAE, the company’s network of distribution exceeds 300 retail outlets and 250 resellers.

The Blue Ocean Global Group comprises of 3 companies that includes Blue Ocean General Trading, Blue Ocean Global, and Al Mazhar Distribution. The strength of the group lies in servicing Omnichannel distribution for telecom and consumer electronics products with over 1000 SKU’s. Through Retail, B2B, institutional, online and exports channels, Blue Ocean Global sells nearly 2,000,000 units annually.

“In a short span of 5 years Blue Ocean global has established multiple offices and warehousing facility; It has grown from a single brand distribution company to multi brands. From a single channel focus to omnichannel from a few customers to over 100 and growing; we have so many achievements to highlight, but it’s just the beginning of a long journey,” Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Group, said.

“Despite challenging economic conditions in different parts of the world, Blue Ocean Global are penetrating deeper with a strong commitment to the market and strategic focus on distribution channels of the future. It is investing in people, systems and processes to bring agility to the business and enhance customer experience

“Our year on year growth reflects the company’s strong character in defying the odds and brings greater value to our suppliers and brands who are benefitting from our strong market presence and supply chain,” says Shahzad Ahmed.

The Group is managed by a team of professionals having extensive regional experience in the field of technology and consumer electronics. A keen understanding of technology and markets at Blue Ocean Global ensures that the customers get the latest in products & solutions.

“We believe in collaboration and are always looking at partnering with Brands that associate with the future,” says Shahzad Ahmed. Says in press release

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