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Skyrocketing prices of sacrificial animal upset Karachittes


KARACHI: As near as the Eid ul Azha draws, the prices of the sacrificial animal soar. The buyer interested to acquire a healthy and good looking sacrificial animal seems compromised with the demands of the live stock traders.

The trading activity of sacrificial animal in makeshift cattle markets has gained momentum across the provincial capital of Sindh.

Sacrificial animals’ traders become adamant to make buyer purchase the animal on their set prices. Live stock traders are not entertaining the bargaining of the buyers.

Ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, the costs of the sacrificial animals are sky rocketed. The buyers interested to perform the ritual of sacrifice are disheartened and disinterested due to their stubbornness and stiffness.

Traders argue the increase in inflation is the basic reason for the sudden hike in sacrificial animal’s prices.

Traders of cattle markets blamed last year s loss and increased cost of fodder for the high price of the cattle this year.

They are expecting good profits which would cover up last year s loss. This fuss remain continue till the day of Eid-ul-Azha.

With an increase in the price of red meat, prices of animals have increased, too. Consumers too now realise they are buying lighter weight animals every year but paying higher prices.

A major reason for the price hike of sacrificial animals in the past few years is the influx of small and big investors who are in for quick profits. NNI

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